The last word in sliding perfection: TopLine XL sliding door system

Floor to ceiling, large format sliding door units make statements and provide visual clarity in a room. The new TopLine XL sliding door fitting from Hettich is the key to creating cabinets with a focus on exquisite design. The system sets new standards in terms of practical convenience and secure, straightforward installation.


Bring purist design to large surfaces


Experience unequalled user convenience


Install doors easily and securely

Award winning design

Clip on installation for an elegant look:

Elegant look from clip-on installation: ceiling height wardrobes without visible screws.

Aesthetic appeal all round:

the bottom guide profile is set back beneath the base panel - almost hiding it from view.

Perfectly finished runner profile:

self adhesive decorative tapes available in 3 classy colours can be used to match the profile's visible surface to the wardrobe interior for a look of harmony.

  • Impressive user convenience:

    very low opening forces mean the doors are easily opened with a mere stroke of the hand.
    The new generation Silent System then slows the doors down particularly gently.

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  • Practical convenience:

    the centre door can be opened to the right and left. On closing, it is gently slowed down from either direction and silently pulled into the end position.

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  • Smooth, quiet running action:

    the rollers continue to move in virtual silence even after prolonged periods out of use.

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Install doors easily and securely

Silent System installation made easy:

calculating the position of the Silent System with complicated formulae and accurately measuring everything out - that was yesterday. The Silent System elements simply screw into the end cap - job done!

Correct installation guaranteed:

the Silent System element can only be fitted in the end cap in the correct position. This reliably prevents any malfunctioning and damage to the system.

Incorrect installation ruled out:

there is no need to activate the Silent System. After closing a door for the first time, Silent System automatically works correctly. Even if the door is installed on the wrong side of the Silent system element.

Innovative floor standing guard:

before fitting them, the doors can be set down on the floor without having to worry about damaging them. The bottom guide components then glide up automatically.

Simple height adjustment:

Door height is conveniently adjusted from the front and gap alignment can be checked straight away. Alternatively, ceiling height constructions are adjusted from the side.

Perfect overlay adjustment:

adjust door overlay by any amount with the door closed - for instantly visible results. Without any tools whatsoever.