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  • End user

    What is Hettich Plan?

    In the Hettich eShop, we support you in selecting fittings for a specific piece of furniture: Use Hettich Plan for this purpose: Our free tool enables you to plan furniture with Hettich fittings quickly and precisely on your computer or tablet. In Hettich Plan, you can enter the dimensions of your planned furniture and receive not only suitable product recommendations but also CAD data and drawings of the furniture parts as well as an article list that you can transfer to the Hettich eShop.

    Know, find and simply order: Take a look at the Hettich eShop.



  • End user

    What is the Hettich Technical Assistant?

    The Hettich Technical Assistant helps you with the assembly and adjustment of Hettich products and includes other small auxiliary tools for processing.Hettich Technical Assistant

  • End user

    Where can I find a specialist dealer near me who offers Hettich products?

    You can find your nearest specialist retailer with Hettich products under this link: Link to specialist retailer



  • Planning

    Where can I find the CAD data formats I need in the Hettich eShop?

    Directly under the description of the selected product, you can choose from a variety of CAD data formats for your download under "Hettich CAD".

  • My account

    Where can I find the item prices in the Hettich eShop?

    As a registered user, you can see your net purchase price directly on the item.

  • Service & Support

    Where can I get replacements for my refrigerator hinges and other fittings in household appliances?

    Please first contact the appliance manufacturer directly for replacements, as there may be a warranty claim or they may provide a replacement on a goodwill basis. If this is not an option, please send 3 to 4 informative photos (installation situation, overall view of the fitting, detailed views) and a brief description of the fitting to info(at)


  • My account

    Where can I see in the Hettich eShop whether an item is available?

    As a registered user, you can see directly on the item whether it is available in stock. You will then receive the exact delivery date with the order confirmation.

  • My account

    Where can I see my order status in the Hettich eShop?

    As a logged-in user, you can find all orders in the " My account" area under "Order history"". There you will find your order status and tracking information.

  • End user

    Which products does Hettich manufacture?

    We want to create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, multifunctionality, convenience and design for all furniture worlds. With this quality standard, we develop and produce innovative functional fittings and convertible platforms: from drawer and runner systems to hinges and folding and sliding door systems. Our aim is to develop future-proof solutions that are increasingly sustainable and that make everyday life noticeably easier for many people.

  • End user

    Who can help me with questions specifically about Hettich processing and plannin assistance?

    If you have any questions about our Hettich eService tools, we will help you quickly and competently at: eMail: eservice(at)