Handleless furniture fronts are extremely popular – and can be produced with Hettich for a look of excellence. In the living room, in the kitchen, everywhere. For large surface sliding doors, for hinged doors, for drawers. With the Push to open mechanical opening function or electromechanically with Easys which opens them in response to a light tap on the furniture front Push to open Silent makes convenience perfect: it closes handleless drawers, for example, in complete silence.

  • Effortlessly handleless: Push to open Silent for drawer systems.

    On the lighter side of life. In design. In use. And in the entire process from the idea to the assembled piece of furniture. Find out for yourself – with Push to open Silent.

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  • Easys for refrigerators

    Purist design must not exclude the refrigerator. With Easys for refrigerators, the electromechanical opening system, refrigerators and freezers blend seamlessly into the design of a kitchen.

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  • Push to open Silent Push to open Silent
  • Easys Easys


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