Thin & thick fronts

There are no limits to the thickness of material you use. Hettich makes sure of this with special fittings for thick and thin front materials. Whether drawers, large pull-outs or cabinet doors – there's no more compromising when it comes to interpreting material trends or turning your own ideas into reality.

  • Thin doors: Sensys 8646i thin door hinge

    Extremely thin wooden doors? Fronts designed with facing panel in glass or solid surface materials? You can now meet these challenges with every confidence: because the extremely shallow Sensys hinge cup manages with a drilling depth of just 8 mm.

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  • Thick doors: Sensys 8631i hinge

    Voluminous meets delicate: doors in a thickness of up to 22 mm – designed with hairline reveals of just 0.7 mm? Not a problem with this Hettich hinge which can be adjusted in three dimensions for extreme precision. Thanks to its particular kinematics, the Sensys 8631i can even be used for door thicknesses of up to 32 mm.

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  • Thin doors: Sensys 8646i Thin doors: Sensys 8646i
  • Thick doors: Sensys 8631i Thick doors: Sensys 8631i


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