Making optimum use of space:

drawers efficiently use the entire depth of available storage space – parts of the cabinet that are otherwise hard to reach.

Planning with flexibility:

tall units with drawers can be configured in every dimension to suit individual needs. Made to measure height, width and depth make perfect use of available storage space.

Saving time:

great for the kitchen because this is where additional storage space saves many a trip to basement, pantry or utility room. Particularly space saving: larder units work well in the smallest of spaces.

Always on the move – that's my way of keeping fit. And the same goes for the storage space in my home! Tall units with drawers not only use every inch of storage space, they also let me move it about, making it easily accessible.

Moving with effortless ease:

full of provisions, larder units often take so much effort to open and close. The answer: individually configurable internal drawers behind a separate, uninterrupted door. This spreads cabinet contents over several pull-outs – with easy action runners making all of them easy to reach.

Keeping everything in view and easy reach:

pulled open one by one, internal drawers organise contents to show where everything is. All provisions are easy to see and quickly accessible. Particularly convenient behind side hung and sliding doors.

Organising the perfect way:

the immense range of interior organisation options makes Hettich drawers the perfect place for keeping all sorts of household items: secure hold, individually tailored layout, neat and tidy organisation.

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    ... elegantly concealed behind an attractive front ... simply brilliant!"

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  • "Never before has it been easier for me to keep everything in its place.

    My kitchen planner really knocked me over with these drawer solutions."

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Styling in any chosen way:

making handleless furniture design very easy too. Depending on price segment, with mechanical Push to open ... with Push to open Silent ... or with the Easys electromechanical opening system.

Making statements:

without a door, internal drawers loosen up the design of a kitchen and make an attractive eye-catcher.

Bringing harmony to segmented fronts:

Prefer a calm, even cabinet front layout? So, ideally complement appliance surrounds for refrigerator, oven etc. with larder units in 600 mm width as well.

Creating inner values:

behind the cabinet front, attractive drawer design consistently continues the quality expectations placed on furniture. The Hettich platform gives you virtually boundless design options. For an overall look that's sure to delight in all base and tall units.

Technical details in brief

Drawer systems

Drawer system ArciTech

  • High-quality design variety for a strong brand identity
  • Platform concept and clear installation benefits for efficient furniture production
  • Load capacity up to 70 kg
  • Unequalled smooth running action and stability from the synchronised Actro runner
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Drawer systems

InnoTech Atira drawer system

  • Distinctive drawer side profile design
  • Efficient differentiation in looks and functionality on the basis of one drawer side profile
  • Load capacity up to 50 kg
  • Long-life, high-performance Quadro runners
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