Thank you for your interest in this exceptional Hettich Service. We can promise you: it will bring you all sorts of benefits. For creating your own retailer shops or websites, we will be pleased to help you with product data, catalogue links and Hettich logos.

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Hettich is your powerful partner and synonymous with quality, innovation, reliability and closeness to customers the world over. Use the Hettich logo to demonstrate that we are partners.

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Media centre

Hettich brochures

Catalogues covering all aspects are available to you for use with your customers. To make optimum use of them, these are not placed on servers but are linked with our documents. This way, you can always present the latest catalogue or brochure to your customers.

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Media centre


Expressive images bring life to a website and online shop. From our comprehensive media centre you can download high quality images on a variety of subject areas. You may use them in your media.

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Use attractive videos to bring your site to life and give it a vibrant feel. You will find our extensive selection of videos in the media centre and on the Hettich YouTube channel.

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