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Diversity made easy

InnoTech drawer system with platform concept

The InnoTech platform concept provides maximum flexibility for drawers and extensions because the same side profile is always used for all options. This makes it possible to satisfy specific customer preferences, opening up previously untapped sales potential.

The InnoTech DesignSide permits the use of glass or other materials without the need for any railing. Photo: Hettich

Whether railing, TopSide below the railing or DesignSide, the diversity is boundless. InnoTechDesignSide permits the use of glass or other materials for closing off the sides of pot-and-pan drawers without incorporating a railing. Unlike other systems on the market, the same drawer profiles can be used for drawers and extensions. The drawer front panel, including the drill holes, stays exactly as it is. This means the InnoTech drawer system also scores in terms of economic efficiency because it keeps costs low in production, inventory and logistics.

TopSide below the railing or DesignSide provide the key to upgrading showroom display items quickly and with minimum effort. The result is an attractive selling point.

What’s more, InnoTech can be used as a partial and full extension runner with or without Silent System in different loading capacities. All this means the manufacturer can cater to different segments with one and the same drawer in a variety of finishes.