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From megatrend to product solution

Hettich ignites a fascination for tomorrow's home at interzum 2019

Ever smaller living spaces in towns and cities, new life concepts and work models or the increasing demand for customisable furniture: at this year's interzum, Hettich provides exciting answers to the noticeable changes taking place in life and home living as a result of megatrends. Under the Fascin[action] banner, Hettich is presenting exciting product solutions covering all aspects of what furniture buyers want: feel style, enjoy comfort, win storage.

Quickly transformed: AvanTech YOU designer profiles in wood, stainless steel, aluminium or chrome look add an individualised look to the top of the drawer side profile and are simply clipped into place. Photo: Hettich

Hettich is a source of inspiration for the furniture industry. All of the solutions on show at interzum are intended to provide people with inspiration to design their own furniture and even create entire room concepts. After the fair, visitors and customers can retrieve the ideas for living room, kitchen, bathroom and office furniture, including construction plans, online from the Design Gallery on Hettich's homepage.

Urbanisation needs space wizards
In the megatrend towards urbanisation, every inch matters: Hettich shows how attractive and convenient storage solutions can be for sloping ceilings. Or how a home office or pantry kitchen can be invisibly integrated in a very small space in the living room. The office is becoming increasingly flexible. Not only can you stand and sit at modern workstations, you can also lie down and relax directly next to them.

Customisation is the new standard – AvanTech YOU
No kitchen and furniture manufacturer can ignore the megatrend towards customisation any more. For Hettich, one reason to use this trend as an opportunity to develop a drawer system that takes drawer customisation to a new level. AvanTech YOU permits exceptionally slimline, purist design that manages without visible screw heads or cover caps. It is remarkable how easy it is to adapt their design to buyers' wishes. Design profiles, DesignCapes or AvanTech YOU Inlay can be used to create a huge variety of individualised eye catchers on the top edge and outer side of the drawer side profile. AvanTech YOU opens up great potential for kitchen and furniture manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition: with their own furniture design in different price segments, targeted response to customer wishes and the system's tremendous cost effectiveness. Because all components within the platform concept can easily be combined with each other. Wooden drawers are used on identical runners, e.g. without any facing panel as a statement in a kitchen's otherwise closed front panel look. AvanTech YOU provides the right solutions for anyone wanting to design spacious, handleless furniture with exclusive materials. The previous limits to creating handleless design as a result of extremely large front panel weights or formats are eliminated by Push to open Silent with multi synchronisation. Two drawers behind one front panel reliably open parallel with each other and close gently.

Huge convenience for sliding doors – TopLine XL
"Enjoy comfort" was the prime objective in successfully developing a new sliding door system for particularly large and heavy sliding doors. With TopLine XL, doors weighing up to 100 kg gently open and close with unequalled ease, almost making them appear to float. Specially developed rollers with particularly good shape retention provide the basis for this new, easy running action. The new sliding door fitting makes even the most generously proportioned cabinet and wardrobe designs a pleasure to use. It also takes you by surprise with a technical innovation for even greater practical convenience in 3-door wardrobes: the middle door opens intuitively both to the left and right. It is gently cushioned in either direction and silently pulled into the end position. The TopLine XL sliding door fitting also sets standards in purist design for ceiling height wardrobes. Its extremely shallow design with inconspicuously integrated Silent System makes the fitting almost invisible, leaving it to blend harmoniously into the overall picture. In addition, the runner profile can be embellished with decorative tapes in three colours for a perfect design finish. Thanks to particularly simple, failsafe installation, there is no shortage of convenience here either. Heavy front panels can be set down on the floor without the risk of damaging the bottom fittings, quickly hung and easily adjusted. The TopLine M and TopLine L sliding door systems also come with a high level of practical convenience and greatly simplified installation – for anyone wanting doors in a smaller size.

These and many other new solutions for practical convenience, great design and storage space from Hettich whet an appetite for the next generations of furniture.