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Gentle closing as a mark of quality

Sensys fast assembly hinge from Hettich sets standards

Tranquillity has become something of a rarity these days. This makes it all the more important for many buyers of home furniture. Furniture doors that close gently and in virtual silence are appreciated as a welcome added bonus and increase the quality feel of any furniture. The Sensys product family from Hettich gives every range of furniture a whole package of unbeatable benefits.

More pleasure from furniture with the Sensys hinge: hinged doors close almost by themselves, gently and quietly. Photo: Hettich

There is no quicker and easier way to bring convenience and a feel of luxury to hinged doors: as a fast assembly hinge, Sensys is fitted in next to no time. It immediately enhances the furniture door in terms of quality, looks and reliable functionality. The hinge's multiple award winning product design is in a class of its own. The integrated soft closing system truly excels when it comes to performance. Low or high temperatures from +5°C to +40°C have no effect on the luxurious feel of door movement. Doors reliably close almost by themselves, doing so from a wide automatic closing angle of 35°. With some door formats, Sensys can even save on a hinge.

Perfect synergy of convenience and design
Sensys is design and offers more design flexibility. In obsidian black, the hinge blends in with dark furniture, giving it something magical. The Sensys wide angle hinge with an opening angle of 165° opens furniture doors particularly wide and closes them again evenly and gently. At the same time, fingers cannot be trapped whatever position the door is in. It is possible to fit internal drawers without spacer profiles. Delicate glass doors in particular benefit from soft closing with the Sensys hinge. Its narrow bonding surfaces create a look of purist perfection. At the same time, the designer hinge for glass applications can be combined with all other Sensys products without any problem whatsoever. This not only lets you create fronts and cabinet bodies in different materials – but also new design ideas.

Thick, thin or handleless – differentiation made easy
The Sensys thin door hinge provides almost endless creative flexibility. Whether light and airy purist look, classy facing panels in glass or exclusive materials - with an insertion depth of less than 8 mm, it opens up unimagined options in furniture design. Differentiation is also made easy: a classy thin front turns a standard cabinet body into a piece of premium furniture. Door thickness can be reduced to 10 mm, allowing even heavy materials to produce a lightweight door that can be mounted with the usual number of hinges. But even extremely thick furniture doors can be moved gently and silently. This is easily achieved with the Sensys thick door hinge. Perfectly aligned narrow reveals are ensured here too. Further ways of differentiating furniture ranges are given by the option of using Sensys without soft closing function. Sensys designer hinges without self closing feature provide the basis for creating perfect handleless furniture design in combination with Push to open.