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HettichXperiencedays 2021 opens across the globe

Let's move markets!

Under the "Let's move markets!" banner, Hettich is presenting innovative furniture worlds for the megatrends of Urbanization, Customization and New Work for its customers and partners at HettichXperiencedays 2021. The functional hardware manufacturer's big trend show was officially launched in mid-March.

The demands on everyday life, home living and work are rapidly changing. Global megatrends, which normally take many years to come into effect, have accelerated enormously in the Covid crisis. This is why industry, retail and the trades must now respond if they want to hold their ground on the market in future with their products and services. The time has come to completely rethink spatial and furniture concepts. And Hettich is showing you how: At HettichXperiencedays, the company will be presenting a wealth of creative and innovative solutions that will let the industry address new market demands and changing customer wishes.

Identifying new market needs – and catering to them!

Urbanization, Customization and New Work: These three big megatrends will be key, recurring themes throughout Hettich's presentations in 2021. To this end, the Hettich team has created theme-based apartments in different sizes while also featuring specific trend fields. This is where practical solutions can be found for large and small rooms, for versatile, urban living in small spaces, as well as concepts for tomorrow's working worlds, including homeworking, for outdoor living, shops and hotels, for high quality kitchen design and greater user friendly convenience for white goods. Across the board, the manufacturer demonstrates its cross-segment expertise: Modern furniture solutions give users genuine added value in terms of design, functionality and practical convenience. Here, product highlights from Hettich, like the TopLine XL sliding door system, can now be seen in astonishingly new functions. The AvanTech YOU drawer platform is creatively combined with other furniture systems and offers additional standard decor finishes.

Megatrends pointing the way

Everywhere in towns and cities, living space is becoming scarcer and more expensive, floor space is getting smaller. How can you still live comfortably in a small amount of space? Hettich provides the answer to the Urbanization megatrend with carefully considered mini floor plans, multifunctional furniture and optimum use of storage space.

Individuality is the freedom to choose. Consumers are placing new demands and expectations on the design, use and function of rooms and furniture. The furniture industry needs to be prepared for the growing megatrend of Individualization. Consumers want their own personal furniture that can be customized in a way, for instance, that Hettich makes possible with its AvanTech YOU drawer platform.

The classic open plan office is "out": Working environments and office structures are changing, leaving more and more people regularly working from home in a "home office". They all need affordable furniture solutions for their personal home living situation. Anyone able to offer them precisely this has a clear edge. By the same token, though, office concepts in businesses need to be matched to the new demands. For the New Work domain, this is why Hettich is presenting easy to implement solutions in its trend show while also inviting customers to join hands in developing creative concepts for tomorrow's work environments.

From small to large: Hettich's themed apartments

The theme based apartments at HettichXperiencedays pick up on the megatrends in a variety of concepts. They demonstrate a host of practical solutions for designing interiors, furniture and function zones in a way that leaves no margin of doubt.

Flexible Apartment: All in on 270 sf.
Home living in a small space without compromise! This is increasingly in demand, particularly in big towns and cities. Hence, Hettich's motto for urban living: Smaller the size, greater the flexibility. The all embracing solution in the "Flexible Apartment" shows what perfectly configured furnishing can do – being practical, multifunctional and affordable. And yet there's no cutting corners on good design either.

Transforming Apartment: Master of Transformation
The footprint stays as is, but the space transforms. Furniture adapts to the Living Space, and not the other way around. The "Transforming Apartment" from Hettich now lets you transform spaces in any way you choose: Movable wall elements create space precisely where it is needed. This way, 540 sf provide what feels like double the living quality. This is where TopLine XL, the sliding door system for extra large closets and cabinets, demonstrates its qualities in an amazing new function: The sturdy system easily and securely moves even floor to ceiling elements, opening up new options for versatile interior design. An intelligently concealed "room in room" solution below a sloping ceiling comes with a particular "wow" factor.

Commuter Apartment: Small in size, yet Big in use
With its successful combination of home living and working, the "Commuter Apartment" from Hettich is synonymous with a new, urban mobility. And even 150 sf provides enough space for all of the furniture and functions that are needed. What's more, a few unexpected extras can be accommodated too. Intelligently planned in this way, the mini floor plan creates a contemporary, feel good home wherever you work. An attractive concept, undoubtedly for designing modern hotels as well.

Tiny Apartment: The storage space wizard
The megatrend of urbanization is changing ways of living. Tiny Homes provide a welcome solution wherever living space is scarce and expensive. A fully furnished home on only 195 sf of floor space? No problem! The Tiny Apartment from Hettich caused quite a stir on the international stage when it made its debut in 2019: From floor to ceiling, the mini apartment astonishes with intelligent use of storage space and multifunctional furniture that's great fun even in a small space. Feeling happy at home doesn't take much space at all.

Trend domain outdoor kitchen: Moments of culinary pleasure in the open
Increasingly, everyday living is moving outdoors. This makes cooking together in the garden or on the rooftop terrace a growing trend. Thanks to corrosion proof stainless steel fittings, the robust outdoor kitchen can even cope with heavily fluctuating weather conditions. It comes in a modern look and is practical in every last detail. Having this, who would want to cook indoors?

Trend domain shop design and interior fit: High quality and individually tailored
A new generation of shop exhibits provides clear added value for shop and interior fitters, retailers and customers: Hettich presents highly practical concepts for a wide variety of applications, easy to realize and completely individual in terms of design. With merchandise presented as attractively as this, main street shopping is twice the fun! And kitchen manufacturers from the high end segment also should take a closer look at these high quality furniture solutions from Hettich: The delicate Cadro frame system combined with AvanTech YOU drawers in new DesignCape colors provides attractive options for appealing kitchen design with immense functionality and working components that are hidden from view.

Trend domain New Work: Tomorrow's office
Digitization is driving the transformation of working environments. How will we be working tomorrow? What will our workplaces look like then? Far more mobile and flexible, that's for sure. What's called for are transformable and adaptable work environments that provide ways of responding to constantly changing demands: From the individual needs to concentrate while working, to confidential one-to-one conversation opportunity and large team workshop. Hettich has all sorts of amazing ideas in store for its customers on the subject of "New Work" which will provide the key to a perfect work-life-balance in the future as well. From complete room systems with sliding and hinged elements or creative design solutions with plug in system to the small, mobile caddy for the personal workstation, it's all here.

The central hub: xdays.hettich.com

With so many new things to discover, it's definitely worth immersing more than once in Hettich's various furniture worlds. This is why "HettichXperiencedays 2021" will be taking place across the globe for several weeks in an innovative hybrid format. Anyone wanting to look at the solutions in detail will discover plenty of opportunities to do so on the xdays.hettich.com online portal. Once registered as a trade visitor on the web portal, you can access the entire HettichXperiencedays lineup around the clock; in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.

This is where all participants can expect an attractive, progressive mix of information and inspiration. There's a wide range of e-services on offer as well as varied events on the megatrends and all of the other latest themes that are keeping the industry on its toes. With it being possible to combine all program modules in any way, the portal can be used to create a very personalized "HettichXperiencedays" roadmap – either online via the digital tools, or wherever possible offline with a visit to a Hettich showroom anywhere in the world. We ensure that strict hygiene concepts will be in place everywhere.

This means Hettich is offering its global customers and partners the opportunity to take part in the HettichXperiencedays in whichever way they can or choose. And everyone wishing to take advantage of this offer can definitely expect a one and only Hettich experience with new solutions and products as well as copious ideas and suggestions for designing their own furniture compositions to suit tomorrow's world.