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Hettich products for white goods

Hettich is focusing on the kitchen as a whole, resulting in more and more furniture trends being reflected in white goods too. This means: Design to fall in love with, impressive convenience and unimagined storage options. Or, in a nutshell: Fascin[action] – fascinated by solutions.

ComfortSpin lazy-susan turntable is a rotating shelf that puts an end to forgetting food stored at the back of the fridge. Photo: Hettich

ComfortSpin lazy-susan turntable – benefit from convenience in an instant
Back to front, front to back. The ComfortSpin rotating shelf from Hettich not only turns through 360 degrees but also partly moves out of the refrigerator as it is rotated. ComfortSpin not only impresses with the clever way in which it now puts an end to forgetting food stored at the back of the refrigerator but also with its ease of integration using the plug-and-play principle.

Quadro Compact – pointing the way forward for crisper compartments
Quadro Compact ensures convenient access to foodstuffs stored in crisper compartments while providing a perfect overview of everything inside them. The full extension runner system leaves no margin of doubt with silky smooth running performance, maximum stability and quiet closing action perfectly controlled by Silent System. The modular system makes it easy to upgrade different refrigerator lines. This product range from Hettich covers the 20, 40, 60 and 80 kg weight categories and provides additional features, such as hold function, self closing or Silent System for an added feel of luxurious convenience. The innovative Synchro Access product concept gives users "double" access: It simultaneously opens two crisper compartments with just one movement.

ComfortSwing – wow program for the dishwasher
ComfortSwing is the first lifting system on the market to raise the dishwasher's bottom rack to the level of the top rack. This is particularly convenient for the user and, with integrated Silent System, also gentle on dishes and glasses. Hettich developed ComfortSwing to make loading and emptying the dishwasher more ergonomic. The result is a lifting system that is good for the back and steels the show from the host of any kitchen party. Because ComfortSwing makes kitchen work easier and is a pleasure to use.

Quadro for dishwashers – taking dish care a step further
In the dishwasher too, Quadro creates a noticeable feel of luxury that no one wants to be without after experiencing the running movement for the first time: the dishwasher racks glide in and out in a silky smooth and perfectly controlled action. This moves dishes and glasses particularly gently. An upgrade is available in the form of the optional Silent System: gentle and quiet rack movement into the end position without any clinking of dishes. Quadro runners take the comforts familiar from furniture and bring them to the dishwasher, continuing to fascinate the user with every day that passes. As a result of its compact design, Quadro for dishwashers provides the key to optimising rack design and maximising its volume. Any left on food doesn't stand a chance of getting stuck because the profiles have an open structure which means it is simply rinsed out.