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Electrical appliances with wow effect

New user friendly features for white goods

Hardly any other room in the home is host to as much practical technology as the kitchen. Where else but here can consumers get excited about solutions for electrical appliances that make life in the kitchen easier, safer and more enjoyable? Introducing new user friendly features, Hettich brings innovative movement cycles to refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens. That's the fascin[action] of Hettich.

ComfortSpin brings movement to storage space in the refrigerator: the shelf rotates 360 degrees and moves part way out. Photo: Hettich

ComfortSpin – 360° revolving storage space
The revolving ComfortSpin shelf from Hettich puts an end to for-gotten food and disorder at the back of the refrigerator. It not only rotates a full 360 degrees, but also moves part way out of the refrigerator. ComfortSpin conveniently provides a full view of contents, making everything instantly accessible. This is organization with wow effect.

Quadro Compact – user friendly movement for crisper com-partments
Quadro Compact brings significantly greater convenience to crisp-er compartments, making them much more of a pleasure to use. The full extension runner system leaves no margin of doubt with silky smooth running performance, maximum stability and quiet closing action perfectly controlled by Silent System. The modular system makes it easy to upgrade different refrigerator lines. Het-tich's product line up covers the 20 kg (44 lbs), 40 kg (88 lbs), 60 kg (132 lbs) and 80 kg (176 lbs) weight categories and provides added value with user friendly features, such as stay closed function, self closing or Silent System. The innovative Synchro Access product concept guarantees an extrabig wow effect: it opens two crisper compartments in perfect synchrony with just one movement. Extremely attractive distinguishing features creating twice the convenience.

ComfortSwing & Quadro – The dream team for dishwashers
Minimizing effort, user friendly solutions for dishwashers are perceived as being particularly worthwhile on account of the frequency with which these appliances are used. ComfortSwing is the first lift system for dishwashers on the market: it raises the bottom rack to the level of the top rack – softly and gently with Silent System. This makes loading and emptying dishes and glasses a convenient, back-friendly activity. With the sturdy Quadro runner system for dishwashers, movement cycles with a high level of practical convenience can easily be applied to all racks in the dishwasher. They glide in and out in a secure, smooth and precision controlled movement, giving dishes and glasses maximum protection. The unique part about Quadro for dishwashers: the runner not only permits full extension opening but also over-extension opening, giving extremely convenient access to the rack's entire contents. The optional Silent System additionally provides gentle, quiet movement into the end position – in its "double pack", even in both opening and closing direction. A whole line up full of wows.

Hinge K05 with Silent System – integrated closing conven-ience
Multiple-pivot hinge K05 – one of the Hettich's tried and proven fit-ting classics for refrigerators – now also available with upgraded convenience. The high quality Silent System is completely inte-grated into the hinge. This way, the K05 with Silent System scores with minimal installation space for maximum practical convenience in conjunction with high door loads. From now on, even large refrigerator doors weighing up to 110 kg (242 lbs) close particularly softly and quietly, and all in a perfectly controlled manner. Need-less to say, the new hinge provides all of the familiar K05 benefits, such as the wide opening angle of 115°, which prevents any colli-sion with adjacent units, or the optional 90° opening angle stop for refrigerators positioned next to the wall, as well as perfect ac-commodation of installation situations, such as face frame.

Quadro 6 – Oven runner quality on a new level
Introducing two new features for the Quadro 6 oven pull-out sys-tem, Hettich brings together the aspects of safety and convenience more closely than ever before. The "American" Quadro 6 full extension runner is perfectly geared towards the specific applica-tions in ovens. Baking trays and grid shelves carrying loads of up to 15 kg (35 lbs) safely glide in and out with maximum stability on high precision stainless steel runners. Even at very high tempera-tures of up to 930 °F in ovens with pyrolysis function, they work with absolute perfection. Quadro oven runners can now be provided with optional new functions: the Perfect Stop engagement function which prevents the grid shelf from accidentally rolling back in-to the oven, or the Stay Close hold function which stops it from rolling out of the oven. Both make handling safer. A wow for greater safety.