Inspiration for furniture worlds of today and tomorrow.

We started out by developing fittings to provide furniture with user friendly functionalities. Today, with our fittings, we create magical furnishing solutions that provide answers to how the megatrends of urbanisation, new work and individualisation are changing our homes and the way we live. And we can give you everything you need for innovative and sustainable home living concepts.


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roominspirations | The magic of the moment is what makes our furnishing solutions so special.


FurnSpin – and the world of furniture is going into a spin


The Joy of FurnSpin

Everything's in a spin – from the solar system to the world we live in. Turning is a part of us, it alters perspectives and creates change. It makes life an irrepressible joy and is an elementary part of technical progress. Our FurnSpin fitting innovation puts the most captivating of spins on furniture that anyone could wish for. The unique turning-swivelling fitting lets cabinet elements turn full circle about their very own axis. This way, inside is suddenly out, closed suddenly open and one piece of furniture suddenly two. Every turn changes the character of furniture – simply magical.

You can, no doubt, imagine the options and potential FurnSpin can give you for creating tomorrow's exclusive furniture lines.


All weathers! – Our robust systems make outdoors real fun.

InnoTech Atira drawer system

InnoTech Atira drawer system

Weatherproof convenience for drawers: InnoTech Atira complies with DIN EN 1670, corrosion resistance to level 2. Both smart and sleek design, and available in a variety of colours, with a wide range of add on elements and interior organisation solutions. What more could you want?

Drawer runner Quadro Compact

Drawer runner Quadro Compact

Really sturdy: Quadro Compact reliably gives drawers first class running performance (load capacity up to 40 kg) in the outdoor kitchen, even with Silent System for soft and gentle closing. Not a problem either, handleless fronts in combination with the Push to open opening system. Quadro Compact provides corrosion resistance to level 3 under DIN EN 1670.

Veosys stainless steel hinge

Veosys stainless steel hinge

Made for outdoors: Veosys gives the outdoor kitchen popular user friendly functions familiar from living room furniture. Stainless steel not only looks good, it's very robust too. It defies fluctuating temperatures, moisture and salt. Proven in the endurance test: 120 hours in the neutral salt spray test (NSS) under DIN EN ISO 9227.

Hettich products: online, offline – or directly in furniture itself!

  • AvanTech YOU
    AvanTech YOU
  • Actro YOU + Actro 5D
    Actro YOU + Actro 5D
  • AvoriTech
  • Novisys
  • ComfortSpin
  • Steelforce
  • AvanTech YOU Illumination:
    show your furniture in its best light

    Never before has it been as easy to emotionalise drawers with signature lighting.

    • clip on LED designer profiles for the drawer side profile or illuminated glass inlays
    • with rechargeable battery pack
    • simple installation involving no complicated electrical connection work
    • easy to add at any later date

    The "wow" effect is guaranteed on opening the illuminated drawers.

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    AvanTech YOU
  • Mini interzum debuts:
    new features for the Actro YOU + Actro 5D drawer runners

    Our further product advances make handleless furniture design even more convenient and cost efficient.

    Actro YOU with 5D Push to open:

    • developed specifically for the Actro YOU drawer runner
    • attractively priced option for automatic opening

    Actro 5D with new catch:

    • familiar "latching principle", easy handling
    • straightforward adjustment capabilities
    • identical screw mounting positions

    At the exhibition, we will be pleased to explain and show you in detail everything that has been optimised.


    Actro YOU + Actro 5D
  • AvoriTech drawer system:
    premium class for the most exacting demands on design

    AvoriTech is exceptional – making it the ideal drawer system for exclusive kitchen and living room furniture for your discerning clientele.

    • completely reduced, purist drawer design
    • slim line drawer side profiles and rear panels in a width of only 8 mm
    • absolutely immaculate
    • no visible screw heads
    • anodised aluminium

    Want to make exclusive furniture in a class of its own? Talk to us.


  • New Novisys hinge:
    Silent System convenience for everyone

    Novisys is the fast assembly concealed hinge that provides exceptional value for money and makes integrated soft closing convenience a standard feature for a wide range of furniture doors.

    • Quality made in Germany
    • outstanding value for money
    • particularly cost effective for lower price segments
    • reliable soft closing performance, long service life
    • can be combined with other Hettich hinge systems

    Create on trend furniture lines with added value at great cost efficiency.

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  • ComfortSpin turntable:
    for refrigerators and other furniture

    ComfortSpin organises cabinet interiors with effortless ease. Easy to install by anyone and immediately ready for use, the clever turntable provides a full view of contents in refrigerators, bathroom cabinets, sideboards and other furniture.

    • Measuring 28.5 x 42.5 cm, it can used virtually anywhere
    • Attaches with suction cups, screws or tesa Powerstrips®
    • Rectangle goes circular! This turntable shape can simply hold more
    • 360 degree view of contents in every cabinet

    One product. Two colour options. So many applications.

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  • Steelforce desk support frame:
    working height flexibility

    Well being fosters motivation and productivity. This is where height adjustable desks provide the perfect key – no matter where.

    • Homeoffice Line for elevated home working convenience
    • "Slim" with extra short stabilisers that take up very little space
    • Professional Line for high dynamic loads
    • quality finished, designed for safe permanent use
    • easy to install

    Complementing the Steelforce range, we offer storage solutions, sound absorbing screens and a modular system for unusual desk configurations.

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Hettich Services & furniture trends

The perfect service for your challenges

We will support you every step of the way for incredible work efficiency. Because good service is always there when you need it. We are your inspirer, problem solver and strategic partner.

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Work the efficient way: Hettich e-tools

Using the right e-tools can make your processes much faster and easier.

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Paul explains how

In the "Paul explains how" series, colleague Paul gives helpful advice and all manner of information on our products as well as where and how to use them.

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Furniture and interior design trends

Hettich focuses tremendous attention on trends and innovations. On the latest developments and future scenarios. And this is where you can benefit. Because even minor details in a space should express the architect's basic idea.

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Why do megatrends concern us all? Because they are changing our world with lasting effect and with this, also the lives of each and every one of us.

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Acting today & with a thought for tomorrow.


Active commitment to a sustainable future has been close to our hearts at Hettich for many decades. Our core objectives embrace the responsible, careful use of resources as well as boosting our energy efficiency.

For a number of years now, we as a company have been working with diligence to optimise our work in a way that lets us help to create a sustainable future. We have also managed to do so much in adjusting our materials and manufacturing processes, enabling us to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Since as long ago as the early 1990s, we at the Hettich Group have been taking responsibility for preserving the natural resource base.

Our goal for 2030: we want to become climate neutral at all Hettich operating bases worldwide! For 20 years now, we have voluntarily complied with the requirements defined under EMAS (Environmental Management System) with a view to making an investment in the environment that will pay dividends with lasting effect.

Sustainable action often starts from humble beginnings. That's why we at Hettich also invest in local projects that promote biodiversity at our company's operating bases.

Our aim is to link business success with environmental, social and civic responsibility.

Dr. Andreas Hettich

Chair of the Hettich Group's Advisory Board