Solid performance:
TopLine sliding door systems

Hettich fittings for top running sliding doors create elegant frontage solutions. In the bedroom and living area, sliding doors are the perfect solution for generous cabinet use: Unobstructed access to the contents and the doors do not protrude into the room when they are open. TopLine always offers doors that move easily and quietly and close gently with Silent System.

TopLine 110

More peace in the room

The convenient Silent System with self closing is already integrated in the runner profile.

Superbly designed and convenient

Once installed in the top panel, runner profile and Silent System are hidden from view. For cabinets designed with aesthetic appeal. the runner profile.

Save time

Quick mounting and alignment, tool-less height adjustment.

TopLine 25/27

Smooth running

Thanks to the intelligent Silent System soft closing mechanism.

Full freedom of design

Uncomplicated installation and simply concealed with a panel.. Base can be designed as you wish using freely selectable runner systems.

For limited budgets too

Your economical solution for inset doors up to 25 kg.

TopLine 1

Smooth and easy operation

Ball bearing mounted castors with large diameter.

Exact reveal alignment

Optional height adjustment for perfect fronts.

Design plinths as required

The additional runner system is freely selectable.

Solid and safe:

SlideLine 97 for inset, bottom-running glass sliding doors.

Individual and quick:

With the modular system to economical solutions.

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