InnoTech Atira
On the cutting edge

InnoTech Atira is the drawer system for individualists. Show the cutting edge with InnoTech Atira!

Create designs with a mark of distinction

Create designs with a mark of distinction

Always new. Always different.

Differentiate the efficient way

Differentiate the efficient way

Wide and yet slim.

Make production cost effective

Make production cost effective

Its low complexity makes InnoTechAtira particularly cost-effective.

  • Create designs with
    a mark of distinction

    The clear, angular contours are a characteristic design statement in the kitchen and in all living areas.
    • Striking, versatile and flexible
    • Attractive colour variations
    • Various attachment elements set design accents
    • Modular interior organisation for individual storage space solutions

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  • Differentiate the efficient way

    • Being in the market with a wide range of furniture and still producing in a lean way.
    • Diverse options for differentiation in design and functionality
    • Quadro quality, from simple partial extension runner to full extension with the Push to open Silent comfort function

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  • Efficient design

    • Low complexity makes InnoTech Atira extremely cost-efficient.
    • Guaranteed lean processes in purchasing, warehouse and production
    • Same drilling positions can be realized for all runners
    • Drawer components independent of cabinet side thickness

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