ArciTech: When quality becomes an experience

ArciTech is a double walled drawer system that sets high standards and adapts to any environment thanks to its platform concept.

Enjoy unequalled running action

Enjoy unequalled running action

Smooth and easy.

Captivate with outstanding stability

Captivate with outstanding stability

Copes with any demand.

Differentiate the efficient way

Differentiate the efficient way

Wide and yet slim.

  • Enjoy running comfort

    Quiet and secure running action guaranteed:

    Thanks to the Actro runner with its unique prism principle and synchronous control.

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  • Captivate with outstanding stability

    Even carrying heavy loads, the Actro runner always provides full access as well as silent and soft closing. With its unique prism principle and synchronous control, ArciTech is strong enough even for large, heavy drawers.

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  • Differentiate the efficient way

    Being in the market with a wide range of furniture and still producing in a lean way.

    Based on only one drawer side profile, numerous variations in design and functionality can be produced easily and efficiently. Just the way you want to.

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ArciTech 40/60/80 kg mit Silent System / ArciTech 40/60/80 kg with Silent System

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