High-flyers under water: Hettich's Quadro runners for dishwashers

The inside of a dishwasher is no pleasant place to be: water, heat, strong alkaline solutions – a particular challenge to fitting technology. Hettich's Quadro runners are perfectly designed for this permanently moist environment, shining with superior performance and long life.

Quadro quality in the dishwasher

With the Quadro runner for dishwasher, enjoy the familiar comforts of furniture even in the dishwasher .

Plenty of space for dishes and other items.

Quadro in slim design for maximum basket volume and plenty of space for plates and other items

Differentiation in the dishwasher

With the optional features of Silent System in the opening and closing direction, simply upgrade the system and move dishes quietly and gently.

  • Quadro runners for dishwashers

    The Quadro runner sets standards in the furniture industry. And is now creating a noticeable feel of luxury and convenience in dishwashers too: the top dishwasher rack pulls open in a silky smooth and perfectly controlled linear action. Dishes and glasses are moved particularly gently which helps to protect them.

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  • Quadro runners for dishwashers

    Compact runner design lets you optimise rack design. Ideal for upgrading that luxurious feel even further: optional Silent System.

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  • ComfortSwing: 
The outstanding innovation for dishwashers

    The outstanding innovation for dishwashers

    Do you want to be a step ahead of the competition? This is where we have an impressive USP for your dishwashers: ComfortSwing. The world's first lifting system to raise the dishwasher's bottom rack to the level of the top rack. This way, the bottom rack can be loaded and emptied easily and conveniently without having to bend down. An outstanding advance that takes dish care to a completely new level, quite literally!

Experience ergonomics

ComfortSwing raises the lower basket to an ergonomic level, making the tiresome task of emptying the dishwasher more comfortable - which is good for your back!

Guaranteed wow-effect

ComfortSwing not only provides ergonomic but also emotional enthusiasm at every kitchen party!

User convenience

Simply pull out the lower basket and lift it slightly. This is where the clever lifting mechanism comes into play. The basket locks automatically in the raised position and can be very easily unlocked and returned to its original position using an additional handle.

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