Door Hardware

Innovation and Elegance for Every Architectural Segment

We create a precise combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design. Priding ourselves on this, we develop and produce a vast range of fittings- from controlling movement of doors through door closer to secured locking solutions, from elegant glass solutions to application of acoustic seals for extra comfort and value to product.

Great Architecture needs precise solutions-for home, working world and creating quality in lifestyle.

  • Door Closer
    Safety and security

    When it comes to safety and security of doors nothing beats a Hettich door closer, guarantees automatic close and protection from heat, noise and pollution. Our door closer conforms to the highest safety standards, works in perfect sink in case of a panic situation, simple and easy to use that can be operated even by a child. 

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    Door CloserDoor CloserDoor CloserDoor Closer
  • Locking Solutions:

    Mortise locking solutions that defines class and with timeless designs made to perfection with patented technology that gives the user peace of mind even in the high security conscious situation. Build to last, Hettich provides wide range of precise mortise solutions for public places such as stadiums to private spaces like kitchen, bedrooms, etc.

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    Locking SolutionsLocking SolutionsLocking SolutionsLocking Solutions
  • Door Hinges:
    Defying laws of Leverage

    Good hinges ensure that the door opens the way we expect them to. They define the fulcrum and thereby the mobility of the door giving the door leaf a solid support. Hettich can look back on its decades of experience in manufacturing of its hinges to provide the finest product.

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    Door HingesDoor HingesDoor Hinges
  • Floor springs

    Floor spring is used where both pull and push movements are required. Hettich floor springs are in accordance with DIN EN standards with various adjustment techniques. The floor springs are precisely designed to work in seamlessly in tough conditions to keep to environment separate between the door. Hettich floor springs comes with specialised speed control to provide user perfect closing mechanisms.

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    Floor springsFloor springsFloor springs
  • Shower Cubicle Fittings & Glass Hardware

    Hettich glass fittings comes with unconditional guarantee to assure customers, its quality and it is built to last in the most humid conditions. Making Glass Doors elegant and effortless with reliable technically sound designs for total peace of mind to make beauty reflect through the design.

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    Glass HardwareGlass HardwareGlass Hardware
  • Door Accessories

    Sometimes even smallest things play crucial roles in big projects. No door solution is complete without door accessories like PVC Seals, drop seals, security chains, flush bolts door viewers, etc. Hettich provide a wide range for door accessories, hence providing a complete door solution.

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    Door AccessoriesDoor AccessoriesDoor Accessories
  • Door Closer Door Closer
  • Locking Solutions Locking Solutions
  • Door Hinges Door Hinges
  • Floor springs Floor springs
  • Glass Hardware Glass Hardware
  • Door Accessories Door Accessories