Individuality is what it's all about

A new generation of furniture that can be designed in many different ways comes with clear added value for all those who want to put their very own stamp on their furniture. Hettich shows how this can be done both creatively and cost effectively.

Inspiration for furniture worlds of today and tomorrow.

We started out by developing fittings to provide furniture with user friendly functionalities. Today, with our fittings, we create magical furnishing solutions that provide answers to how the megatrends of urbanisation, new work and individualisation are changing our homes and the way we live. And we can give you everything you need for innovative and sustainable home living concepts.


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Are you open to new ideas? If so, be inspired and discover the new options for your furniture.

roominspirations | The magic of the moment is what makes our furnishing solutions so special.


Fair impressions Salone del Mobile 2023


Some megatrends have far-reaching impacts on furniture – and, because of this, on the design of our fittings. Find out what this actually means on the next few pages.

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Furniture and interior trends

Furniture and interior trends

Discover design trends and technical innovations from the furniture industry that refine kitchen or furniture design and set their own design features. Of course, with fittings solutions from Hettich.

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The scope of our ideas, innovations and solutions is virtually boundless.

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Intelligent Kitchens

Kitchen chaos and clutter in cabinets and drawers? – That's all over now. I planned my kitchen from scratch with Intelligent Kitchens. Been utterly delighted ever since! "Karl Kitchen connoisseurs"

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Sophisticated architecture begins with the silhouette of a building.

And extends right through to the user friendly fitting in its furnishings. Wherever perfection is demanded at detail level, Hettich provides it with innovative fitting technology. Whether hotel or office complex: Hettich products give the interior of large premises added functionality, greater convenience and an enhanced look of quality. Are you looking for references in a specific country or in relation to a specific segment? Ask us – we will be pleased to help you.

  • Marina One
    Marina One
  • Hettich in ship cabins
    Hettich in ship cabins
  • Titanic Quarter in Belfast
    Titanic Quarter in Belfast
  • Lotte World Tower
    Lotte World Tower
  • Marina One

    In 2018, Singapore will see the arrival of the "Marina One" project. It is the vision of a "city in the garden" – in the middle of the central business district of Marina South. Pioneering Hettich systems can be encountered in the two 34 storey residential complexes on no fewer than two counts: in the form of TopLine XL sliding door systems and Quadro full extension runners.

    Marina OneMarina One
  • Hettich in ship cabins

    The Norwegian outfitter for high quality ship cabins Shipnor presents great furniture with Hettich fittings. Ship furniture is exposed to extreme wear and tear, making long term durability of the fittings an absolute must.

    Hettich in ship cabinsHettich in ship cabinsHettich in ship cabins
  • Titanic Quarter in Belfast

    The Hettich effect in high-class apartments: Efficient use of space and the ultimate in ergonomics. The InnoTech drawer system provides exemplary convenience and living quality.

    Titanic Quarter in BelfastTitanic Quarter in Belfast
  • Lotte World Tower

    The Lotte World Tower skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea's capital city, was completed at the end of 2016 This prestigious building only uses first class, reliably technology. This is where Hettich has been pleased to contribute: Quadro full extension runners with Silent System, Sensys standard and thick door hinges provide a high level of functionality, convenience and aesthetic appeal. In the minibar, in the bathroom as well as in various cabinets and wardrobes.

    Lotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World Tower

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