Fascinated by solutions.
We call it Fascin[action]

Anybody wanting to fascinate people must be exceptional in everything they do. In their products. In their services. In solutions that fascinate. Experience this Fascin[action] at Hettich. Discover a world of innovation and inspiration for tomorrow's furniture.

Feel style

Purist, handleless furniture design ... generously sized front panels with perfect gap alignment ... Multifunctional fittings hidden from view: you appreciate the design character of furniture being consistently continued through on the inside?!

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Enjoy comfort

You like it peaceful, gentle and ergonomic. Cabinet doors that open wide and close gently. Drawers and pot-and-pan drawers that silently glide in and out. Storage space that's easy to reach and cleverly organised. In short: technology that makes furniture even more user friendly.

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Win storage

Living and working space is becoming increasingly precious. Using it as efficiently as possible is important to us. Any storage space – whether in furniture or in previously unused alcoves – should be easily accessible, cleverly structured and usable down to the very last inch.

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Inspiration comes from seeing and experiencing impressions and transforming them into pioneering new visions.

Ralf Müterthies

Head of Market Intelligence


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Design trends

You can impress by interpreting the latest design trends with Hettich fitting technology. Be inspired!

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Trend report

You can look forward to a wealth of surface finishes, vibrant architecture and intelligent functions. Inspiration guaranteed!

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Intelligent Kitchens
Stories from everyday kitchen routine.

The fast kitchen with added convenience

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