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When it comes to runners for furniture drawers and domestic appliances, product diversity from Hettich is unbeatable. For any loading capacity, the precise Actro 5D runner, tried and proven ball bearing runners and the versatile Quadro runner provide the best solution for convenient, reliable drawer opening and closing for all classes of furniture and domestic appliances.

  • Actro5 D Actro5 D
  • Quadro Quadro
  • Quadro for domestic appliances Quadro for domestic appliances
  • Ball bearing runners KA Ball bearing runners KA
  • FR roller runners FR roller runners
  • Actro 5D runner system

    Stunning precision: if your inner expectation is perfection, Actro 5D will pamper your senses. Visually, tactually and acoustically.

    Perfect reveal alignment: narrow reveals and exactly aligned front panels thanks to precise 5-way adjustment. Unequalled running action and impressive stability: for generous furniture design. Simple differentiation: wooden drawers and the AvanTech drawer system can be used on identical guides. And a consistent cabinet body drilling pattern also permits use of the ArciTech drawer system.

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    Actro5 D
  • Quadro drawer runner

    Precision as a matter of principle: thanks to its ball bearing principle, a Quadro runner guarantees lasting top performance and the last word in convenience for drawers. Elegantly concealed underneath the drawer bottom panel.

    • Steel ball bearings for lasting user convenience
    • High precision runners for harmonious, smooth running action
    • Comprehensive lineup for a wide range of drawer sizes and expectations on design and convenience
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  • Quadro for domestic appliances

    Quadro - not only a great performer in furniture but also extremely good at its job in household appliances.

    • Hot affair:
      • Quadro oven shelf runners confidently and reliably show their talent whatever the oven they are fitted in.
      • The Quadro Compact pull-out system provides noticeable user convenience for warming, vacuuming or accessory drawers.
    • Cool environment: Quadro Compact also leaves no margin of doubt in refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets.
    • Wetter than wet: you've never moved your dishwasher rack as easily and as smoothly as this! You can with Quadro for dishwashers!
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    Quadro for domestic appliancesQuadro for domestic appliancesQuadro for domestic appliancesQuadro for domestic appliancesQuadro for domestic appliances
  • Running round: ball bearing runners KA

    Ball bearing runners from Hettich use a perfected component: ball bearings. Hard steel ball bearings in precision profiles, providing lateral stability and easy action for drawers in all materials, in all sizes and also carrying heavy loads. Time and again, virtually indestructible. These runners provide options for part, full and over extension runners.
    Well rounded precision from Hettich.

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    Ball bearing runners KA
  • Easy running action on rollers: FR roller runners

    Hettich lets drawers roll. Drawer runners with integrated self closing feature provide noticeable convenience opening and closing them - from roll-out prevention to straightforward drawer removal. The system is simple, secure, durable, open to tolerances and production-friendly. Rational runner quality from Hettich.

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    FR roller runners

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