500°C heat, 100% comfort: Quadro oven runners

Runners providing incredibly smooth running action and high stability - Hettich has optimised this exceptionally luxurious experience for all types of ovens. In an impressive quality that provides perfect performance and maximum safety even at 500°C.

Product family

Experience Quadro convenience in various oven types. Always with the possibility to upgrade with optional features.

Clever clipping on

You have the choice: non removable Fix Clip or removable Comfort Clip.

Customer benefits

Effortless removal and sliding in of the baking tray. High work safety and maximum comfort. Optimum access to whatever is being cooked in the oven and flexible positioning of the drawer runners.

  • Spick and span: Quadro with Clean Plus

    An innovative coating usually makes oven cavities easy to clean. How practical that this has now been applied to oven runners as well.The user friendly solution: Quadro with Clean Plus coating. Simply wipe down – job done! This makes easy work of keeping every part of the oven clean.

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  • Cool convenience even at 500°C: Quadro Pyro

    The specialist for pyrolytic ovens with self-cleaning function is called: Quadro Pyro. The runner can be left in the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle. Because Quadro Pyro can easily cope with 500°C as well.

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  • Steaming ahead here too: Quadro for steam ovens

    Quadro runners impress everywhere: the version for steam ovens is particularly corrosion resistant, enabling it to withstand the high level of humidity occuring there.

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Perfect Stop function

Smart, convenient and invisibly integrated in the runner – that's Perfect Stop. It prevents a baking tray from rolling back into the oven while it is pulled out for attending to what's being cooked or baked.

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