Unfolding storage space:
WingLine folding door systems

Folding door solutions from Hettich provide a wide range of interesting design options. Freely moving,  carcase-bound or guided systems offer a choice of solutions for optimising the folding door application. Door elements in practically all sizes, materials and weights can be moved easily, safely and durably.
One idea – many options by Hettich.

  • WingLine L

    WingLine L

WingLine L lets you produce folding sliding doors in a completely new dimension of convenience. The revolutionary Push / Pull to move opening mechanism provides access to everything inside the cabinet with just one movement of the hand. A talented all rounder for the bedroom, kitchen and office.

Fascinate with panorama effect

access to 6m² of cabinet content, leaving everything in perfect view.

Experience greater flexibility

entire door set opens with just one push.

Impress with running performance

Smoother than ever before and almost silent thanks to an optimised running system.

Award winning products: pointing the way in form and function

WingLine L

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