Bringing rooms together:
TopLine Grant SD/HD/XHD

First class damping
Hettich introduces the NEW Silent System damping that provides a feel of added luxury and convenience. The fully concealed Silent System soft-closing and –opening feature carefully cushions door movement, leaving them to open and close with a gentle movement in complete silence. Each time the sliding door is opened and closed, it gives a feel of quality, luxury and serenity.

Keeping the focus on your design
Not only is the Silent System concealed; with our low profile option you can realize 4 mm narrow gaps and hide the hardware inside the door. A sleek and elegant look.

Need to accommodate bigger doors?
The sturdy Grant Box Track Sliding door systems provide real solutions for installations that require the movement of heavy panels, space dividers and large doors up to 500 lbs / door.

Get the look you want and the quality you expect
Hettich technology has what it takes to meet stringent architectural demands. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial grade sliding and folding door hardware systems designed to meet the specifications of architects and engineers around the world. Grant® Sliding and Folding Door Hardware is manufactured to the highest standards, using high quality material under rigid quality control conditions.

TopLine Grant SD/HD/XHD

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