/ P70-2018 [Opening systems]

Handleless perfection

Hettich solutions for design and practical convenience

Handleless furniture design conveys a clean, light and airy look. A sensuous experience that only becomes perfect with convenient handling. This is where the solutions from Hettich set standards: easy, reliable opening. Gentle closing.

Push to open Silent reliably opens handleless drawers in response to a light press on the front panel. Photo: Hettich

Magic for drawers, hinged doors …
Fitted with Push to open Silent, handleless drawers and hinged doors are opened with effortless ease – and close gently in response to a light push of the hand. Drawers can also be opened intuitively by hand and guided closed again. The convenience is almost magical because instead of springing back if the drawer is pushed in too slowly, the energy stored by the system assists closure. With optional synchronisation, a press on the extremities of large front panels provides reliable activation. Push to open Silent can be added to hinged doors on any cabinet body and is suitable for all commonly found cabinet constructions.

… and refrigerators
With technology from Hettich, handleless kitchen design can also be taken to refrigerators. The Easys electromechanical opening system delivers plenty of power, easily enabling it to overcome the refrigerator's magnetic hold function and open the combination of appliance door and cabinet body door in response to a gentle push. With an installed height of 22 mm, Easys is the slimmest system on the market.

Fascin[action] – fascinated by solutions
Handleless furniture fascinates with its sleek and modern look. With perfected technology, they make for happy furniture owners. In developing user friendly functions, Hettich is never satisfied until they are perfect, until they meet the highest of expectations. The fact that you can rely on technology from Hettich for handleless furniture is shown in the new "Easy Living" video – matters dear to the heart, in contrast, are better taken into your own hands! To the video: https://www.hettich.com/Easy-Living