Simple, handleless, good:
Push to open for hinges

Push to open for hinges - handleless is a trend that’s here to stay, whether in the living room or kitchen. This is why Hettich offers the right hinge for any design idea featuring Push to open. Either without self closing feature or in combination with standard hinges.

  • Handleless design - with mechanical Push to open

    A gentle press on the door is all it takes for the Push to open push rod to move it into a position that provides finger access and easily lets you open it. The door is closed by pressing on it again. Depending on use, the door remains in push rod end position or swings open widely.

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    Push to open the mechanical way
  • Handleless design - with Push to open Silent for hinged doors

    Handleless furniture design conveys a clean, light and airy look. A sensuous experience that only becomes perfect with convenient handling. This is where Push to open Silent for hinged doors sets standards. Easy, reliable opening. Gentle silent and soft closing.

    Handleless goes high end: Push to open Silent for hinged doors

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    Push to open Silent
  • Handleless design - with electromechanical Easys

    Easys opens the door to handleless refrigerator fronts. Easys opens the appliance door electromechanically in response to a light press on the front. And closes it automatically after 4 to 8 seconds. Without getting fingers trapped because they are safely out of the way. A particular advantage: the fitting is 22 mm shallow – the lowest installed height on the market. Use Easys for consistency in kitchen design.

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  • Push to open the mechanical way Push to open the mechanical way
  • Push to open Silent Push to open Silent
  • Easys Easys

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