Hettich CAD

Hettich CAD – drawings make your production process easier and more secure. Use the drawings to adjust the planned dimension. Conduct collision tests to fix the correct position of the fitting in the furniture and to determine the drilling points for the assembly.


Over 80 CAD formats for free download

Product data

more than 15,000 CAD product data


nearly 1,000,000 CAD downloads per year


At least 40 globally active CAD partnerships

Advantages through our service offers:

Synchronise planned measurements

Due to the exact illustration of the articles, planned measurements can be checked easily and dimensional relations are represented quickly and clearly.

Conduct collision tests

With the help of CAD-data, it is possible to do a collision test of the products . Through the virtual illustration, planning errors can be quickly identified and eliminated.

Define the position of the fitting

Easy positioning because every fitting is made available as a block; so it is possible to position the article easily .

Determine the drilling points for assembly

After the exact positioning of fittings, the drilling points and processing can be set quickly and easily.

In the Hettich eShop

Orderable single items available as:

  • 2D and 3D DWG / DXF formats as direct download
  • More than 70 different formats in 2D and 3D
  • Technical data sheet
  • Drilling patterns in 2D-DXF format, optimal for CNC processing
  • 2D sectional drawings as DXF direct download
  • 2D sectional drawings in a design in PDF layout


Trade fair exhibits and design examples available as:

  • 3D body drawings in DWG / DXF / OBJ / SKP
  • dimensioned views as PDF
  • Wood cutting lists in Excel
  • hardware lists in Excel

Hettich CAD - Package download

Orderable articles in the complete package of a product group available as:

  • 2D and 3D DWG / DXF formats
  • Installation situations in 2D DXF / PDF
  • 3D data in SAT / STEP / IGES / 3DS / MAX
  • Fittings lists in Excel
  • 2D dynamic block drawings as product overview in DWG

What's new?

Hettich fittings available directly in the CAD programm

In close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of CAD|CAM systems for the industry, we provide the drawing data including drilling data and master data logics for many Hettich fittings directly in their material libraries.

Click on the logos and learn more about our strong CAD partners.


You can find a detailed overview of the partners and the integrated hardware range here.

The following Hettich hardware data is available for free use in the Cabinet Vision material manager after downloading via the eSupport portal for Cabinet Vision users:

  • Sensys & Intermat
  • AvanTech YOU
  • Actro 5D
  • Quadro V6 & Quadro V6+

All variants for the respective programme are stored via the Schedule or the Assembly Manager. The data can be used and planned in a time-saving manner, fully parameterised with many accessories.

HingesDrawer systemsDrawer runners
SensysAvanTech YOUActro 5D
IntermatQuadro V6
Quadro V6+
Quadro 25

The comprehensive Hettich catalogue is available via KON. Fittings can be automatically inserted into the respective furniture, including the respective machining. Updates are imported into the CAD+T software via the Launcher.

HingesFlap fittingsDrawer systemsDrawer runnersHandle Collection
SensysLift AdvancedAvanTech YOUQuadroProDecor
IntermatLift JuniorArciTechActro 5D
InnoTech Atira

Provides automatic selection of connectors via Connection Scan. The complete database of Hettich connectors and connector sets is available for download here or from iFurn.

Download    iFurn

HingesFlap fittingsDrawer systemsRunner systemsSliding door systemsFolding door systems
SensysLift AdvancedAvanTech YOUQuadroTopLine XLWingLine L
IntermatLift JuniorArciTechActro 5DTopLine LWingLine 220
InnoTech AtiraTopLine MWingLine 230
HingesDrawer systemsDrawer runners
SensysAvanTech YOUQuadro
IntermatArciTechActro 5D
InnoTech AtiraFR

Hettich fittings are available in the Wood Technology 4.0 catalogue and with the help of every PaletteCAD user. Hettich hardware data can also be imported via the CADENAS direct interface.

HingesDrawer systemsRunner systemsSliding door systemsHandles
SensysAvanTech YOUQuadroTopLine XLProDecor
IntermatArciTechActro 5D
InnoTech Atira

The Hettich CAD data for the Pytha library can be downloaded directly from our website and are ready to use immediately.


Flap fittingsDrawer systemsRunner systemsSliding door systemsFolding door systems
Lift AdvancedAvanTech YOUQuadroTopLine XLWingLine L
Lift JuniorArciTechTopLine LWingLine 220
InnoTech AtiraTopLine MWingLine 230

The TopSolid'Wood Hettich Library 2022 provides customers with intelligent data from Hettich fittings. This library covers almost all hardware groups. It can be downloaded via the TopSolid Store.

TopSolid Store

HingesFlap fittingsDrawer systemsRunner systemsHandles
SensysLift AdvancedAvanTech YOUQuadroProDecor
IntermatLift JuniorArciTechActro 5D
InnoTech Atira

Hettich hardware data available via the library download manager in Vectorworks interiorcad.

HingesFlap fittingsDrawer systemsRunner systemsSliding door systems
SensysLift AdvancedAvanTech YOUQuadroTopLine XL
IntermatLift JuniorArciTechActro 5DTopLine L
InnoTech AtiraTopLine M