Are you open for new furniture trends?

Hettich is intensively involved with trends and innovations. With current developments and future scenarios. And you can benefit from them. Because even the smallest details of a room should express the architect's basic idea. Then living, working and life will be fulfilled. Obviously with Hettich products.

Scrolling, no thanks? Then we have all the important trends for you in the video. And you can find out how you can implement the trends in your furniture here.

There is not THE one trend

Rather, there is a variety of options that offer space for individuality and personality expression. Kitchens and bathrooms are characterized by a mixture of soft, warm shades such as beige, latte macchiato and pastel colors, which deliberately contrast with anthracite, wood tones and various metals such as gold, rose gold, steel, bronze and copper. Electrical appliances follow this color trend (pastel, beige, grey, greige) or create a deliberate contrast in the kitchen with their dark look.

  • Surfaces


  • Individuality


  • Wood shades

    Wood shades

  • Design


  • Electrical appliances

    Electrical appliances

  • Variety of possibilities

    Variety of possibilities


Some bold colors - also in a retro look - attract attention.

Marble is indispensable

With its high-quality, glossy surface, marble turns any piece of furniture into an eye-catcher and brings elegance and naturalness into any living space.

Design variety in structure and pattern

A variety of structures, including “mesh fabric”, various patterns and numerous corrugations, lend variety and excitement to the design.

Light in furniture and kitchens

Light in furniture and kitchens plays a decisive role in emotionalization and is essential for high-quality design

Emotional light staging

Even the entire fronts of electrical appliances are used for stylish lighting. As backlit LED panels, the surfaces can be used to create different lighting moods.

Contrasts in kitchens and furniture

We often encounter contrasting elements in the design of kitchens and furniture: straight lines meet round shapes, open and closed elements, deliberate breaks in lines, cleverly concealed storage spaces and a skillful combination of shelves and closed elements.


Outdoor area

High-quality outdoor kitchens and furniture allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Operation of e-devices

The range is growing: intuitive touch displays, voice and app control are becoming a matter of course. Very innovative: when you knock on the fridge door, it becomes transparent and offers a view inside.

AI moves into electrical appliances

Our homes are becoming increasingly digital and smart. The topic of AI has arrived in almost all electrical appliances. In the oven, for example, AI uses a camera to recognize the dishes placed in the oven and selects the appropriate program. In the washing machine, AI adapts the washing program to the textiles and adjusts the water and detergent requirements.

Statement fridges

Large fridges are not only practical, they also make a powerful impression. Some look pompous and almost majestic. More width offers more space inside for food. At the same time, the automatic opening of fridge doors is very popular.

The new era of wine storage

And increasingly seen in private homes: high-quality, stylish wine refrigerators.