Cool quality in the kitchen: K-hinges for household appliances

K hinges hide refrigerator and freezers behind furniture fronts – fully embracing the trend towards concealed electric appliances. As the only fitting system on the market, K hinges provide a fixed connection between refrigerator door and furniture front. Giving you perfect opening and closing convenience in all classes: up to 50, 70 or 110 kg. In white or black, with or without Silent System – making differentiation incredibly easy within your appliance ranges.

Unique hinge comfort

Discover the hinge comfort for fixed door technology that is unique on the market and conceal refrigerators behind fronts.

Open to a wide angle, close gently

Experience product features and advantages transferred from furniture to refrigerators for seamless consistency and the comfort of wide opening and gentle closing - across all weight classes.

"Trendy" product range

Keep up to date with our product portfolio - in a wide variety of appliance series from refrigerators to wine coolers - in a variety of weight classes - with colour and damping solutions.

  • Fitting technology for added enjoyment: K08 for wine coolers

    Perfect closing convenience now also for refrigerated wine cabinets: the Hettich K08 hinge with Silent System. Available in classy metallic finish or elegant black. As a result, the hinge always integrates into your product design for a look of absolute harmony.

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  • Gentle giant: K05 with Silent System

    Gigantic, but whisper quiet! Now enjoy the luxury of quietly closing refrigerator doors on XXL appliances too: the powerful Hettich K05 hinge with Silent System.

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  • K05 with Silent System

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Black or White

Be it light or dark equipment interiors. Be it a fridge or a wine refrigerator. We always hit the mark with our coated K-hinges!

Comfort update for refrigerator doors

Do you have any questions about our white goods products? I would be happy to help you.

Ann-Christin Deutsch