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Instruction on safety for outside companies

This is where you find the latest standard instruction on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and fire safety for outside companies for downloading.

The regulations for outside companies (HR 00107), the instruction report (HF 00110), authorisation for drivers of fork lift trucks (HF 03506), authorisation for operating lifting work platforms for outside companies (HF 10021) and the assessment of hazards on building sites and installation sites by external service providers (HF 00177) apply to all German operating bases.

  • Standard instruction (HR 00115) applies to the Kirchlengern and Bünde operating bases.
  • Standard instruction (HR 00025) applies to the Spenge operating base.
  • Standard instruction (HR 00132) applies to the Vlotho operating base.
  • Standard instruction (HR 10584) applies to the Berlin operating base.
  • Standard instruction (HR 10985) applies to the Frankenberg operating base.
  • Standard instruction (HR 11903) applies to the Balingen operating base.
  • Instruction report (HF 10986) applies to the Frankenberg operating base.