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We are well familiar with today's and tomorrow's demands on furniture and constantly enhancing their functionality. In cross segment networks, we are a reliable partner to the furniture industry worldwide.


From megatrend to furniture

Hettich's comprehensive product range is full of inspiration for attractive design and convenient functions for modern living and working.

Inspiring living worlds with unique hardware solutions.

Megatrend individualisation

Individuality is the freedom to choose. Your customers have new demands on the design, use and function of rooms and furniture. With platform solutions from Hettich, you are ideally prepared to meet them.

Megatrend urbanisation

Everywhere in big cities, living space is becoming scarcer and more expensive, areas are getting smaller. How can you still live comfortably even in mini floor plans? The answer is well-designed "Tiny Homes" with multifunctional furniture and optimal use of storage space.

Megatrend New Work

The classic open-plan office is old news. More and more people regularly work from home in a "home office". And they all need affordable furniture solutions for their personal living situation. Those who can offer them just that have a clear advantage.

  • Urbanisation
  • New work
    New work
  • Individualisation
  • Megatrend Urbanisation

    And how can we still live comfortably in a small space?

    Living space in the urban environment is scarce and expensive, and floor plans are getting smaller. The Megatrend Urbanisation is opening up more demand for "Tiny Homes". Does that mean restricting yourself? No! Standard products from Hettich let you create intelligent, superbly designed storage solutions. This way, you can combine all necessary function zones and also provide maximum storage space from floor to ceiling. Space may come at a premium - with our solutions we know how to make logical use of it.

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  • Megatrend New Work

    How can we combine home and work life even better in the future?

    "Bringing together the best of both worlds." – that's Hettich' approach to the new work und homeworking megatrend. As a trend scout and source of ideas, we offer the industry precisely the practical fittings that are now needed in the home based office. These let you create new spatial experiences and design appealing furniture for living and working. This is something your customers won't fail to notice because they can enjoy noticeably more quality, better design and far more comfort and convenience.

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    New workNew workNew work
  • Megatrend individualisation

    How can we give the customer furniture that's one of a kind?

    Increasingly, the "individualisation" megatrend will demand customised solutions from us: a new generation of furniture that can be designed in many different ways now comes with clear added value for all those who want to put their very own stamp on their furniture. Both creatively and cost effectively, Hettich can show you how you can give your customers the specific type of furniture they really want.

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roominspirations | The magic of the moment is what makes our furnishing solutions so special.


Our aim is to combine economic success with ecological, social and societal responsibility.

Dr. Andreas Hettich

Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Hettich Group


A well-organised kitchen means a lot more pleasure and a lot less stress. This is where we have a solution for you! Intelligent Kitchens! Discover whole new perspectives with practical solutions not everyone has. Simply be inspired.

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We can provide you with various systems for handling orders incredibly easy. Matched to your IT environment, you can use one or more options:

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Our websites, apps and e-shop provide you with all key information on our products and every detail you need for your planning activities.

Tools and functions at a glance:


We provide a comprehensive data service for optimising the planning of your customer projects. Whether 3D or 2D CAD drawings, PDF sectional drawings or entire 3D packages – you can save time and optimise your work prep.


Hettich CAD

Hettich CAD supports you in planning and designing furniture and positioning fittings.

On our Hettich CAD website, you will find CAD download packages sorted by product group in common formats with 2D/3D individual data, production drawings in DXF and PDF, as well as complete furniture drawings as design examples.

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CAD Partner

Our strong CAD partners also provide you with drawings, drilling points, master data etc. for many Hettich fittings directly via their program libraries.

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It can be as easy as this. The assembly aids from Hettich.

Hettich Technical Assistant

The Hettich Technical Assistant helps you with the assembly and adjustment of Hettich products and includes other small help tools for processing.

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Realisation & Assembly

Processing aid

Hettich offers the right processing aid for every fitting.

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Realisation & Assembly

Paul explains

In the series "Paul explains" our colleague Paul gives helpful tips and lots of information about our products and their application.

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The Hettich News - Stay on the ball

The Hettich News provides you with the latest information on products, services and our digital solutions.

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Interior design is an expression of personal style.

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For fascinating furniture concepts.

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Hettich media library

This is where you'll always find the latest Hettich publications and media for your marketing and project activities for downloading direct. Want to take a look at our media centre for something in particular? This is the fast track to:

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