Easy running action on rollers:
FR roller runners

Hettich lets drawers roll. Drawer runners with integrated self closing feature provide noticeable convenience opening and closing them - from roll-out prevention to straightforward drawer removal. The system is simple, secure, durable, open to tolerances and production-friendly. Rational runner quality from Hettich.

Bewährte und toleranzunempfindliche Technik.


Tried and tested, tolerance insensitive technology.


with integrated roll-out prevention.


Long life, easy to install components.

FR roller runners

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Hettich Plan

Optimising job preparation with the cabinet body configurator takes very little effort but saves no end of time at the design and production stage.

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Hettich Technical Assistant

The Hettich Technical Assistant assists you in assembling and adjusting the Hettich products and includes further small processing tools.

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Hettich CAD

Hettich CAD assists you in planning and designing furniture as well as in positioning fittings.

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