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iF Design Award for K08 hinge from Hettich

Convenience and design treat for wine refrigerators

In terms of technical features and visual appeal, manufacturers have reached the pinnacle in appointing their wine refrigerators: following the iF Award and reddot Award for the Quadro Compact FE 20 runner in 2022, the iF Award 2023 has now gone to the K08 hinge with integrated soft closing Silent System for wine refrigerators. This completes the award winning line up of appliances featuring Hettich products that meet the most exacting expectations on convenience and design.

From top to bottom, wine refrigerators can be equipped with award winning fittings from Hettich. Photo: Hettich

Sommeliers have long recommended professional wine refrigerators for providing wine with optimum storage, and true wine enthusiasts know: enjoying fine wines starts with the wine refrigerator. After all, correct storage plays a key part in determining the quality of a wine and in pampering the palate on every score. Ideally, bottles are kept at constant temperature under controlled humidity in a dark place that's free from vibration. Developing the K08 hinge and Quadro Compact FE 20 runner, Hettich has masterminded fittings devised specifically for wine refrigerators that not only address the exacting demands on storing wines but also the expectations placed on design. Both fitting solutions are available in a dark finish and integrate perfectly into the overall look.

Makes the difference: K08 hinge
In the premium market particularly, user convenience plays an important part. The K08 hinge guarantees luxurious user convenience right across the board. The integrated soft closing function is calibrated to slow down and precisely control door movement, leaving it to close in complete silence while avoiding any vibration whatsoever. What's more, the user friendly hinge gives the wine refrigerator door a wide opening angle so that shelves holding the wine bottles can be pulled out all the way. This makes the right bottle of wine easy to choose and provides quick access. Coming in a dark, elegant look, the hinge blends inconspicuously into the predominantly dark finished design of wine refrigerators. The hinge attachment arm has been developed specifically for wine refrigerator glass doors and underscores the overall look. The K08 hinge is also quick and easy to install.

Vibration free movement: Quadro Compact FE 20
The Quadro Compact FE 20 runner with integrated soft closing Silent System guarantees shelf running action of incomparably smooth quality in the wine refrigerator. Hybrid ball bearings as well as buffering end stops permit vibration free running performance, and the soft closing Silent System makes sure that the pull-out shelves quietly glide back in again with very little vibration. Dark in finish, Quadro Compact FE 20 becomes almost invisible, making the bottle shelves appear to float behind the glass door.

The market for wine refrigerators is growing because more and more discerning consumers are deriving pleasure from celebrating the perfect moment and from standing apart by adding extras to home furnishings. With the K08 hinge and Quadro Compact FE runner for wine refrigerators, Hettich offers award winning user friendly fittings to further expand the product sector and create distinguishing features through quality and convenience.

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