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"interzum award 2023" for FurnSpin from Hettich

Top "Best of the Best" Award

Once again, an innovative product from Hettich wins the prestigious "interzum award": The "FurnSpin" hardware system won over the jury of experts in a demanding field of contenders and received the top "Best of the Best" honor with its "deliberate and innovative design".

"Best of the Best" accolade in "interzum award 2023": FurnSpin brings elegant dynamic to high end interior design. With a sweep of the hand, the entire cabinet body can be turned from the closed to the open position. Photo: Hettich

"Receiving the interzum award confirms the quality and ingenuity of your work while underscoring your product's international standing in the industry," commented show organizer Koelnmesse.

FurnSpin is inspiringly different: The innovative fitting for the high end segment does away with old style formats and puts a creative new spin on furniture design. Open doors or flaps no longer get in the way – most of the cabinet body can now be moved with effortless ease. A stylish turn leaves furniture to reveal what's inside. With another twist, the interior of the cabinet disappears from view, and the furniture again shows closed fronts. "The Joy of FurnSpin" from Hettich fascinates in all types of furniture.

The fitting's unique "translatory rotational movement" now literally turns furniture inside out. Doing so, FurnSpin synchronizes two different forms of movement: Swivel action as well as rotation through 180 degrees. Benefiting from perfected kinematics, the cabinet body moves along a defined path, preventing any collision between furniture edges. The astounding part: FurnSpin would seem to cancel out centrifugal force. Torque is balanced so carefully that even very light objects don't fall over or slip about in furniture, but stay firmly in place.

Presentation of the "interzum awards 2023" took place on May 8, 2023 in Cologne. interzum visitors have until May 12, 2023 to witness this year's winning FurnSpin product in real life at Hettich's booth or in a Koelnmesse exposition on the trade fair boulevard. FurnSpin is being presented online at www.interzum.com. Even more information on FurnSpin can be found direct from Hettich at: https://furnspin.hettich.com/