Individualism: The Next Big Thing in Kitchens

Homeowners are looking for exciting, new ways to add individuality and flair to their cooking spaces. The ‘individualisation’ megatrend is sweeping the world right now, and it’s completely transforming industries as they adapt to meet changing consumer expectations. Already, this global megatrend has seen most of us shift from mainstream commercial TV and radio to on demand digital media platforms that can be tailored to our personal preferences. Similarly, there’s even been an explosion of boutique clothing brands that connect with individuals through social media and design for their personal tastes.

The ‘average’ consumer is gone, and one-size-fits-all solutions just don’t cut it anymore. Today, we’re all looking for highly individualised products that cater to our needs and preferences and lets our personalities shine through.

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Embracing the individualisation megatrend

As a pioneer in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art furniture fittings and systems, Hettich is proudly helping furniture manufacturers deliver cost-effective custom-made furniture to everyone.

Our new AvanTech YOU drawer system offers incredible scope for customising furniture to your taste and unique spaces. For example, while there are five drawer heights available, there are several standard design profiles to choose from including white, silver white, silver, anthracite, or in the optics of aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, walnut or oak. But why stop there.

Take your personalised furniture to the next level

The AvanTech YOU drawer profile can also be used as a canvas for your own ideas through painting or by using a series of other panel coverings such as real wood veneers, foils, or other on trend coverings.

And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, the AvanTech YOU Inlay system allows you to take your personal customisation to the next level by incorporating your own choice of eye-catching materials into the drawer side panel, such as the standard clear glass option or even alternatives like slate, stone or solid wood. It’s all about using some imagination.

At the same time, the individualised AvanTech YOU system ticks a few other boxes on the ‘must have’ furniture design features for 2020. These include an all-round sleek look with all working components concealed in super slim side panels, handle-free push-to-open functionality and absolutely no holes or cover caps anywhere in sight.

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Drawer systems with endless applications

The possibilities are endless and the opportunity to get creative with the AvanTech YOU drawer system is huge, so your custom-made furniture can have a variety of applications unlike most ‘off the shelf’ alternatives. For example, you can create bespoke designed drawers for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, living spaces or even a commercial space.

While your choice of size, materials or colours will be crucial to customising the appearance and durability of your furniture for its environment, our in-drawer organiser systems will also help you tailor your drawers to suit a variety of storage needs.        

With the Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer system, we’re giving you the key to let your imagination and creativity run wild because we understand that there should never be any compromises when it comes to buying furniture that’s perfect for your needs and individual style. And today, that’s what we call right on [mega]trend.