Renovating your bathroom? Six bathroom storage features you might not know existed

Bathrooms can be a big challenge for the most style conscious homeowners. Often, there’s a tough balancing act at play between what looks good and what your bathroom really needs to function well for the family – and this usually has a lot to do with storage.

The problem is, your bathroom needs to play home to a lot of everyday items; the sorts of things you’d rather not see on display such as soaps, cosmetics, towels, and electrical appliances. So, it’s incredibly important to get the right amount of storage in your bathroom, but in a way that doesn’t compromise your overall design and style.

Here are some smart storage ideas that’ll make the most of your limited space, hide the clutter and look great all at the same time.  

Secret compartments

Just like the name suggests, secret compartments are a great way to squeeze some extra storage space into your bathroom without other people knowing they’re there. For example, you could incorporate a pop-out cabinet behind your bathroom mirror or as part of another fitting such as a tall concealed cabinet.

Secret pop-out compartments also improve the ergonomics of your bathroom because they’re ideal for organising and easily getting your hands on smaller, less bulky, items which otherwise get lost in drawers and on shelves.

Sliding or flip up door mirrors: A modern take on the mirror cabinet

Shelving has always been the ‘go to’ for easy access storage in any part of the home, but when it comes to the bathroom, you’d probably prefer to cover them for a cleaner and sleeker look. One way to achieve this is to conceal shelves behind something else your bathroom really needs – like the mirror. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone.

Whether it’s for a small cabinet or a large stretch of shelving across your bathroom wall, your covering mirror panels can double up as a sliding door or even a series of flip up doors with hydraulic hinges. Not only does this make the door functionality of your mirror unnoticeable, but it’ll minimise protrusion into the surrounding space when fully open.


Deep pull-out drawers below vanity

Every bathroom needs a vanity, but how you decide to use the space underneath can make a big difference to how much storage you have (and what can be stored). By installing deep pull-out drawers on smooth sliding runners under your sink, you could create the perfect place to store more bulky items such as piles of bath towels, toilet roll and shampoo and shower gels – the sorts of things that can be awkward to reach in cupboards.

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Drawer organisers

Drawers can give you plenty of space, but by themselves, they don’t do much to help you organise your items or make efficient use of the space. So, if your fed up with rummaging around looking for things, one way to combat the clutter and save time is to insert drawer organiser systems which create separate pockets and spaces for your contents.

Full height vanity cabinetry

You might think that installing floor to ceiling cabinetry will make your bathroom look too enclosed, and in many cases, you’d be right. But not if you incorporate them into your vanity unit, which will instead create a unique feature and a spacious but cosy nook for your sink and mirror.

Essentially, this involves placing two full height cabinets at either side of your sink and benchtop for a balanced ‘framed’ appearance that maximises the surrounding wall space for storage – either as a series of fixed or pull-out shelves.

Better still, you also have the freedom to go one of two ways with the look and feel you create. For example, you could make them a standout feature with a bright or dark colour tone, or alternatively, lighter, and natural colour tones and textures could ensure they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom.

Chest bench seat

Practically, it can be handy to have somewhere to sit occasionally in the bathroom, whether it’s in front or a mirror to apply makeup, or just somewhere to sit while brushing or drying your hair. But chairs aren’t really an obvious design feature in most bathrooms – they usually just look out of place.

So, one way to solve this problem while also adding a lot more storage space to your bathroom is to include a large rectangular shaped chest with a hinged opening lid which also doubles up as a bench seat. A non-fixed storage feature like this can be as minimalist, contemporary, or ornate as you like depending on the materials you choose to suit your design.

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