There’s so much more to outdoor living than simply lighting up a barbecue

By bringing the style, comfort, and conveniences of an indoor kitchen into your outside space, you’ll be able to prepare and cook all kinds of delicious food while entertaining friends and family under the glow of sunlight, surrounded by natural beauty. With potentially limitless functions, from sinks and fridges to innovative storage space, outdoor kitchens can come in all shapes and sizes to suit your space and design taste – giving you everything on hand to host a meal without moving inside. Using Hettich’s sophisticated and durable fittings, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your outdoor kitchen will function exactly as you need for years to come, withstanding the harsh Australian sun, wind, and rain.

InnoTech Atira Drawer System

The sleek design of the InnoTech Atira Anthracite drawer system by Hettich is the perfect solution for the Alfresco Kitchens. 

The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is designed with the potential for individual creativity in mind. With a focus on the systems sharp contours. The system features Anthracite in the Outdoor Alfresco Kitchen Collection with a range of side element heights of 70mm, 144mm & 176mm. The full extension Quadro runners have a loading capacity of 30kg and is available in soft closing.

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Quadro ball bearing runner System

The special coated Quadro drawer runner with integrated soft closing for Alfresco Kitchens is used in conjunction with the Hettich InnoTech Atira drawer system.

Ball bearings are one the world’s success stories. High-performance and precision machines would be unthinkable without them. Ball bearings are precision components that deliver the smoothest possible action and enjoy an extremely long life. And they are virtually indestructible, coping with big temperature fluctuations and tremendous loads.
Runner elements in Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens work hard, often in the most difficult conditions. If you are looking for a tough runner system capable of delivering peak performance and of coping with a heavy workload, there is nothing to beat a system based on the ball bearing idea – the Quadro runner system. The Quadro‘s self-cleaning mechanism ensures that dirt particles are simply swept aside by the steel balls as they traverse along the track.

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Veosys Stainless Steel Hinge

The Veosys 105° stainless steel finish concealed with clip on installation and integrated soft closing hinge from Hettich is a robust all rounder.

Its stainless steel finish makes the Veosys hinge from Hettich a robust all rounder. Not affected by temperature fluctuations and moisture, it is suitable for all sorts of applications. Whether outdoors, in spa centres, gyms or laboratories and hospitals – Veosys comes with tested resistance to corrosion. Integrated Silent System never fails either at low or high outdoor temperatures. And with its uniquely wide self closing angle of 35°, Veosys closes doors almost by itself.

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In addition, there is a range of supporting Waste Collection Systems, Narrow base units, Interior Accessoires, ProDecor Handles and Magic Lighting. To view the full range click the brochure to view.