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Hettich fittings for bottom running sliding doors are tried and proven performers. Sliding doors are the ideal solution for revealing all cabinet contents anywhere in the home and office. Unobstructed access to contents, doors do not intrude into the room when they are open. Doors move easily and quietly and close reliably too.
Convenience from Hettich.

  • Design in motion: SlideLine M overlay

    SlideLine M provides the capability of combining open and closed sections in furniture. The 1-track, close fitting sliding door system functions as a practical design element on living room wall units, shelf systems, kitchen wall units and bathroom furniture. Two doors running across each other can be guided by a single profile. The optional Silent System is integrated to leave it hidden out of view and the activation point can be positioned wherever chosen.

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  • One system, countless applications: inset SlideLine M

    SlideLine M makes child's play of designing and assembling 2 or 3-door cabinets. SlideLine M impresses with a wide range of applications. Wooden doors with a max. door weight of 30 kg are closed gently and quietly in closing, opening and colliding direction. The runner and guide profiles can be installed on all sorts of cabinet body and worktop materials as they can either be screwed on, stuck on or groove mounted.

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  • The universal sliding door system for all furniture segments: SlideLine 55 / 56

    If everything were as simple: The bottom running SlideLine 55 sliding door system leaves no margin of doubt with its ease of installation and straightforward handling in everyday use. The System is particularly versatile. Light doors weighing up to 15 kg run in plastic profiles. Aluminium profiles are used for heavier doors – up to 30 kg. By way of option, the system can be fitted with the adaptive Silent System.

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  • Sliding door applications – practical and convenient: SlideLine 97

    The SlideLine 97 sliding glass door system provides the key to creating glass display cabinets in a class of their own. The glass doors are guided in specially designed convex profiles – providing precision, secure running action. Ball bearings with steel outer ring and sound-absorbing plastic sheathing ensure permanently smooth and quiet running performance. These quality features underscore your furniture's exquisite character. Reassuring the consumer that the glass elements are securely and reliably incorporated as a mark of solid craftsmanship.

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  • SlideLine M, overlay SlideLine M, overlay
  • Inset SlideLine M Inset SlideLine M
  • SlideLine 55 / 56 SlideLine 55 / 56
  • SlideLine 97. SlideLine 97.

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SlideLine 55 Plus LGA-Qualitätszertifikat / SlideLine 55 Plus LGA Quality Certificate

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  • Product Category: Bottom running sliding door systems

SlideLine M - Universal sliding door system, with optional soft opening and closing, for door weights up to 30 kg

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  • Product Category: Bottom running sliding door systems

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