HettichXperiencedays: Design Gallery

It's high time to dare something new. Comfortable living on mini floor plans? Changeable furniture concepts for living and working? That only works with multifunctional furniture and optimum use of storage space. Use Hettich fitting technology to bring your furniture concepts in line with the latest trends. Our unique range of products is brimming with inspiration. For fascinating design. For convenient funcions. For a new quality of life.

Discover and download detailed planning details for the following product applications.

Cosy Stair

Favorite place under the slope: Cocooning rethink.

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Transforming Apartment

Living transformation: footprint stays as it, space transforms.

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Commuter Apartment

The trend is moving towards commuter apartments: commuting between home and work life.

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Outdoor Kitchen

A trend goes outside: enjoyment under the open sky.

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Flexible Apartment

the perfect living solution not only in the big city - practical, multifunctional and affordable

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Tiny Apartment

Back to the essentials: feeling happy at home doesn't take much space.

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Win-win shopping situation: design, functionality and presentation.

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New Work

Tomorrow's office: digitisation is driving the transformation of working environments.

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