In a unique visual presentation, Hettich 3D Xperience World lets you discover home environments in a variety of interactive ways. Go on the guided tour or simply discover the apartments and exhibits on your own. Experience our theme-based apartments with all exhibits in action and showing exactly how they function in reality. You will also get useful additional information, such as fittings lists, CAD drawings, product videos or picture material.

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Commuter Apartment

The trend is moving towards commuter apartments: commuting between home and work life.

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Transforming Apartment

Living transformation: footprint stays as it, space transforms.

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Flexible Apartment

Smaller the size, greater the flexibility: our motto for urban living.

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Spaces in Motion

Like it spacious or prefer compact? Creating versatile worlds to work in.

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New work

Tomorrow's office: digitisation is driving the transformation of working environments.

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Win-win shopping situation: design, functionality and presentation.

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Outdoor Kitchen

The trend is moving towards life outdoors: enjoyment in the open air.

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Cosy Stair

Favourite space under the stairs: new slant on cocooning.

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Tiny Home

Back to the essentials: feeling happy at home doesn`t take much space.

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Hettich 3D Xperience World

The entire HettichXperiencedays exhibition. Enjoy!

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