By Hettich/February 2019/ Functional

As Australia’s ageing population grows, homes around the nation are shrinking. In 2017, average new home size decreased by 2.7% over twelve months, placing homes at a 20-year low of 189.8m2.8 As space efficient and functional as they are ergonomic, sliding doors are ideal for today’s compact living environments. They do not require a clearance area to accommodate door swing, nor do they consume valuable floor space when opened or in operation. This feature also means that even when in the ‘open’ position, doors do not pose a safety risk to elderly users or children in terms of being walked or bumped into.

For areas where space is less constrained, folding doors pose another contemporary, highly functional alternative to hinged doors. Ideal for wardrobes or other environments where a panoramic view of contents is desired, folding doors provide complete, quick, and easy access. Like sliding doors, they are quiet to operate and do not bang or slam. Fully integrated and concealed components lend folding doors a clean, streamlined aesthetic and protect key mechanisms from damage and wear over time, ensuring a longer product lifespan.