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  • Planning

    Are CAD data available for all articles in the Hettich eShop?

    For the majority of our articles, we offer you the corresponding CAD data. - Is your article not yet included? Then simply send us an e-mail stating the article in question and your desired CAD data format to


  • My account

    Are multiple users possible for a customer account in the Hettich eShop?

    Yes, please contact your Hettich contact person.

  • Login & order

    As a user without a login in the Hettich eShop, how can I save an intermediate status of the articles I need?

    Store the articles in the "watch list" and export this interim status as a CSV file when you interrupt your article search. You can upload this CSV file again later under the "watch list" menu item and continue working on it.

  • End user

    As an end customer, where can I get replacements for my refrigerator hinges and other Hettich fittings in household appliances?

    Please contact the appliance manufacturer directly for replacement requests, as we only sell Hettich products to appliance manufacturers directly and not to end customers. If you can give the manufacturer the exact appliance designation, allocation is no problem.

    And here you can see in which household appliances from well-known manufacturers our versatile Hettich products are used: Link to dealer contact

  • End user

    Can I also purchase Hettich fittings as a private or end customer?

    As an end customer, you can obtain a selected range of our furniture fittings in many DIY stores.


    To the DIY dealer search for end customers:

    Special fittings or spare parts for furniture from industrial production are available from specialist hardware dealers. We will be happy to help you with the allocation of products.

    Link to the specialist stores   

    If you still have questions about our products and sources of supply, please contact our customer service: info(at)

  • My account

    Can I change a submitted order in the Hettich eShop before it is dispatched?

    This is not possible directly in the eShop, please contact your Hettich contact person for subsequent order changes.

  • Service & Support

    Can I order from the Hettich eShop without a login?

    If you would like to shop in the Hettich eShop without a Hettich customer account, please use the "Notepad" in the menu. Here you can conveniently collect all the products you need and then export the item list in CSV format (Excel table). Retailer shops often support the import of CSV files. You can then use your Excel list to order directly from one of our Hettich trading partners. You can also find a selected range of our furniture fittings in many DIY stores.

    Do you have any further questions about sources of supply for Hettich products? Then please feel free to send us an email to: info(at)

  • My account

    Can I save different delivery addresses in the Hettich eShop for frequent use?

    Yes, in the " My Account"  under "Address Book" you can save different delivery addresses and select them later for your orders.

  • My account

    Can I view my invoices and delivery notes in the Hettich eShop?

    Yes, you can find the invoices and delivery notes for your orders under "Order history" to download.

  • End user

    Does Hettich also manufacture furniture?

    No, at Hettich we only produce furniture fittings and platform systems and supply them to processing companies and specialist retailers. But of course we always offer you new inspiration on how you can creatively use our Hettich products in modern room and furniture solutions. Do take a look at our Design Gallery. Or are you interested in ideas for your home office or tips and tricks for planning the right kitchen? There is so much for you to discover at Hettich.