• / 24-2018 [The company]

    Solutions that excite

    Great design, clever use of storage space and exceptional convenience from furniture to electrical appliance – this is all made possible with fittings from Hettich.

  • / P72-2018 [Hinges]

    For the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal

    Sensys with integrated Silent System for glass applications

    Furniture featuring glass elements bring elegance to any living room. With its narrow bonding surfaces, the Sensys hinge for glass applications creates a perfect purist look. Whether classy glass display cabinets or a modern material...

  • / P73 [Hinges]

    Effortlessly handleless

    Push to open Silent for hinged doors

    Handleless furniture design perfected by practical convenience. Push to open Silent is the new benchmark for impressive, user friendly functionality: handleless door opening combined with silent and soft closing. Perfectly complem enting this, Push to open Silent...

  • / P71 [Hinges]

    Kitchen design rises to new heights

    Kamat guiding hinge for extra high furniture fronts

    Minimalist kitchen design captivates with large surface fronts and few reveals. With the new Kamat guiding hinge, Hettich gives kitchen manufacturers the option of using high furniture doors on refrigerators with fixed door connection.

  • / 019-2018 [The company]

    Mobile helper for adjustment, installation and assembly

    Hettich Technical Assistant helps the fabricator

    The Hettich Technical Assistant helps fabricators in assembling, installing and adjusting the Hettich products and provides further small processing tools. Being mobile, it offers advice whenever needed: as an Internet solution under https://web.hetti...

  • / 017-2018 [The company]

    International Design Award 2018

    Fascinating designs on the winners' rostrum

    In a public voting over several weeks design aficionados were able to choose the three winners of the International Design Award 2018. The winners are now known: 1st and 2nd place go to the designs of several students from Chinese universities, 3rd place...

  • / 014-2018 [The company]

    EuroCucina/FTK 2018 Trend Report

    Feel style, enjoy comfort, win storage

    In April 2018 Milan was once again the hotspot for furniture and electrical appliances. Manufacturers from across the globe showcased their new releases and captivated visitors with impressive presentations. The Hettich trend report summarises the main trends...

  • / 013-2018 [The company]

    Public voting begins

    International Design Award 2018

    Contestant participation was once again extremely high: the organisers of the 2018 International Design Award, Hettich und Rehau, received 1,360 registrations from no fewer than 71 countries. As one of the biggest competitions for students of creative disciplines, the...

  • / 012-2018 [The company]

    Red Dot Design Award 2018 for WingLine L

    Folding sliding door fitting for new design prospects

    The 39 members of the Red Dot Award jury rated a record number of 6,300 products from 59 countries. The WingLine L folding-sliding door fitting is testimony to Hettich's tremendous design skills, putting it among this year's best in the industry.

  • / P58 [Drawer systems]

    Designed for individuals

    Distinctive designer profiles for Hettich drawer systems

    With the platform concepts from Hettich, furniture manufacturers are not tied to any specific furniture segment by choosing a particular drawer system. Products offering great ways of differentiating are perfect for meeting differing consumer...

  • / 009-2018 [The company]

    Hettich Group turnover up 6.8 per cent in 2017

    6600 staff turn over € 975 m world-wide

    The Hettich group of companies with its headquarters in Kirchlengern generated a turnover of € 975 million in 2017. This represents an increase of 6.8 percent over the year before (2016: € 913 m).

  • / 007-2018 [The company]

    International Design Award 2018

    The future belongs to up-and-coming design stars

    How are the architects, interior designers and product designers of tomorrow prepared for their future careers? Why is taking part in competitions so important for this group? And how do industrial companies benefit from the ideas created by...

  • / 006-2018 [The company]

    German Industrial Building Prize for sustainable building in industrial and commercial construction

    Award for Hettich's biggest production facility

    The Industrial Building Prize is all about combining architectural design expertise with ecological, economic and social aspects as key factors. Open to entries for the first time in 2018, it has been won by Hettich production facility B7 in...

  • / 003-2018 [The company]

    Hettich sponsors voluntary work

    Support was given to 168 projects in 2017

    In 2017, the Hettich Group sponsored projects receiving voluntary support from members of staff to the tune of € 84,000. This campaign is being continued worldwide in 2018 as well.

  • / P69 [Drawer runners]

    Hot, wet, cold – great solutions for electrical appliances

    Hettich products for white goods

    Hettich is focusing on the kitchen as a whole, resulting in more and more furniture trends being reflected in white goods too. This means: Design to fall in love with, impressive convenience and unimagined storage options. Or, in a nutshell: Fascin[action] –...

  • / P67 [Drawer runners]

    Taking dish care a step further

    Quadro for dishwashers

    In the furniture industry, the Quadro drawer runner from Hettich has set standards. It is now also impressing manufacturers and users of dishwashers with its excellent running performance and long service life.

  • / P29 [Hinges]

    Sensys fast assembly hinge

    New functions for all sorts of purposes

    The Sensys generation of hinges from Hettich combines front-to-back design with a feel of luxury that appeals to the emotions. Adding attractive new functions to its Sensys range, Hettich now addresses previously neglected needs and provides cost-effective...

  • / P66 [IWF - USA 2018]

    ArciTech makes quality an experience

    Perfect differentiation in design and performance

    The ArciTech drawer system has been developed to let kitchen and furniture manufacturers put together perfect drawers for different furniture lines and personal needs while keeping their own production efficient. ArciTech meets exacting demands on...

  • / P46 [IWF - USA 2018]

    On the cutting edge

    InnoTech Atira drawer system

    The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is full of character: Straight lines, clean contours, different colours and a variety of additional elements complemented by versatile interior organisation solutions form the perfect mix for more individuality. InnoTech Atira...

  • / P57 [Drawer runners]

    New generation of user friendly functions

    Push to open Silent from Hettich

    As a pioneer of Push to open Silent technology, Hettich has added numerous new features to the second product generation. As a result, Push to open Silent provides the same convenience as electromechanical opening systems

  • / P35 [IWF - USA 2018]

    Bringing rooms together

    Sliding door system Grant SD/HD with Silent System

    Grant offers a wide range of residential and commercial grade folding and sliding door hardware systems designed to meet the specifications of architects and engineers around the world. Hettich now introduces the new Silent System damping that...

  • / P52 [Sliding door systems]

    Panorama effects for more room in the room

    WingLine L from Hettich

    Whether in the wardrobe, in alcoves or in the top mounted kitchen unit: WingLine L from Hettich is the folding sliding door system that impresses in all sorts of applications. The new "Push / Pull to Move" opening mechanism creates panorama effects, design flexibility and a...

  • / P61 [Opening systems]

    Wow programme for the dishwasher

    ComfortSwing from Hettich

    ComfortSwing is the first lifting system on the market to raise the dishwasher's bottom rack to the level of the top rack. This is particularly convenient for the user and, with integrated Silent System, also gentle on dishes and glasses.

  • / P01 [Sliding door systems]

    Scope for new ideas

    SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich

    The SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich is a system for many applications. Merging into the background, it doesn't interfere with the design of furniture and gives sliding door elements a look of elegance.

  • / P05 [Drawer runners]

    Wooden drawer perfection

    Quadro provides many ways to differentiate

    The Quadro bottom mounted drawer runner brings a look of elegance and perfect performance to any wooden drawer. Complementing the line up with optional synchronisation for the Push to open function as well as a 4D front panel adjustment capability, Hettich...

  • / P21 [Hinges]

    Sensys fast assembly hinge

    New functions for all sorts of purposes

    The Sensys generation of hinges from Hettich combines front-to-back design with a feel of luxury that appeals to the emotions. Adding attractive new functions to its Sensys range, Hettich now addresses previously neglected needs and provides cost-effective...

  • / P31 [IWF - USA 2018]

    Improved Designs – Improved Performance and Durability

    Grant Box Track Systems for Sliding Doors

    Designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial applications, the improved Grant Box Track Sliding door systems provide real solutions for installations that require the movement of heavy panels, space dividers and large doors up to 500 lbs.

  • / P03 [Drawer runners]

    Quadro for ovens

    Easy to clean and full steam ahead

    Hettich redefines convenience in the kitchen: Quadro 6 runners ensure a particular pleasant and safe cooking experience combined with extremely easy cleaning. This is why the proven convenience of the Quadro runners has now been carried over from furniture to the...

  • / P28 [IWF - USA 2018]

    Wooden drawer perfection

    Quadro with 4D drawer front adjustment from Hettich

    The Quadro bottom mounted drawer runner brings a look of elegance and perfect performance to any wooden drawer. Complementing the line up with a 4D front panel adjustment capability, Hettich notches up the Quadro range. It guarantees perfect gap...

  • / P11 [IWF - USA 2018]

    The healthier and more efficient way to work

    LegaDrive Systems from Hettich

    An attractive office environment with flexible and ergonomic workplaces is one of the keys to a company's competitiveness. This is where power assisted adjustable desks that give users the choice of working either sitting down or standing up play a crucial part. The Le...

  • / P12 [Drawer systems]

    Diversity made easy

    InnoTech drawer system with platform concept

    The InnoTech platform concept provides maximum flexibility for drawers and extensions because the same side profile is always used for all options. This makes it possible to satisfy specific customer preferences, opening up previously untapped sales...

  • / P41 [Sliding door systems]

    Maximum convenience, maximum use of storage space

    SysLine S from Hettich

    Integrated in the top panel and therefore invisible from the outside SysLine S sowohlfacilitates design aspects as well as an optimum use of storage space. SysLine S has become established in high quality sliding door cabinets with inset doors.

  • / P30 [IWF - USA 2018]

    Full Access and Great Design

    Full Access Quadro from Hettich

    The Full Access Quadro is the result of optimizing the tried and proven Quadro slide. The economical slide with minimized extension loss compared to a full extension slide provides 15 percent more access than a partial extension slide, making it an attractive option...

  • / P27 [Sliding door systems]

    A sliding door system for every application

    SlideLine 55 Plus

    The SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door fitting from Hettich provides design flexibility as well as practical added value for the user.

  • / P23 [Drawer systems]

    Ideas for organising the drawer

    Interior accessories for ArciTech

    A well planned kitchen ensures short distances and smooth work flows. To continue meeting practical needs as the years go by, kitchen unit interiors need to be right as well. As such, drawers and pot-and-pan drawers define the front of today's kitchens. This makes...

  • / P15 [Hinges]

    Intermat fast assembly hinge

    Wide range for all sorts of applications

    Providing over 100 door-mounting options, the tried and proven range of Intermat fast assembly hinges from Hettich gives all kitchen and furniture manufacturers the right solution for numerous application purposes. Combined with the optional Silent System, it...

  • / P06 [Drawer systems]

    InnoTech and ArciTech

    Drawer systems from Hettich with platform concept

    The efficient platform concept behind the InnoTech and ArciTech double-walled drawer systems guarantees lean production while minimising the cost and effort involved in manufacturing, stock-keeping and logistics. They also impress with their...

  • / P09 [IWF - USA 2018]

    Taking ergonomics and user convenience to new heights

    Big Org@Tower from Hettich

    The tried and proven Big Org@Tower stationary pedestal in high-rise format is now also available for wooden drawers. This broadens Hettich's product line-up for the increasingly popular bench workstation.

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