Built-In Appliances: The heart of Contemporary Kitchens

Indian kitchens are evolving rapidly. We have come a long way from the traditional chaotically random placement of necessary elements in kitchen to perfectly organized modular set ups. The exception to this set up are the Kitchen appliances.

However, this too is beginning to change with the advent of Built-In appliances. Built-In Appliances are kitchen appliances which are built-in the kitchen cabinetry or walls, providing a seamless, integrated look for modern kitchens. 

They are permanently installed in the kitchen, so they can't be relocated. Besides the aesthetic appeal, Built-in appliances also have various advantages over traditional appliances.

Built-In Oven

Designed with special consideration for ergonomics, Built-in ovens are easier to operate as they are typically mounted at a height most convenient for the user. This also saves much needed space in the Kitchen and gives it a cleaner and more organized look.

Also, with added features like touch control and automatic programmes, they are futuristic not just in design but functionality as well.

The self-cleaning, enabled by a special process called pyrolysis, makes these ovens extremely hygiene friendly and the fact that they are completely enclosed also keep them safe from dust and external damage.

Built-In Refrigerator

One of the biggest advantages of having a Built-In refrigerator is the flexibility in capacity. The depth is limited due to the depth of the cabinetry around but the width of the refrigerator can be customized in order to create a configuration best suitable for the needs of the user.

Also, since these units are tall, there is room for customizable functionality such as more space for the freezer compartment, or a longer fresh food section to suit the specific lifestyle of the user.

This makes Built-In refrigerators truly versatile in function and extremely sleek in appearance.

Built-In Dishwasher

Most standalone dishwashers have limited capacities and cycles as they are supposed to be either kept on the kitchen counter or on a separate castor stand. Built-In dishwashers on the other hand are customizable as per usage and hence provide much more flexibility in terms of capacity and cycles.

Also, they are most likely planned in such a manner that they are almost completely concealed. This implies they are surrounded by cabinetry and are thus acoustically insulated; meaning the operation is almost noiseless.

Built-in Dishwashers generally have an independent water line, enabling simultaneous usage of the sink as well.

Built-In Hob

Built-in hob creates a seamless look since it is installed at the same level as the kitchen countertop. The possibility for temperature control allows controlled cooking at a particular temperature in order to obtain perfectly cooked food.

Induction based heating makes sure that heat is only produced where it is required enabling shorter cooking times and less energy consumption.

Also, two cooking zones can be combined to create a single cooking zone allowing convenient use of large pots and pans for batch making.

Maintenance and cleaning of a built-in hob is a cake walk as food does not stick to its glass surface.

Built-In Extractor Hood

Generally installed either adjacent to or in concurrence with the overhead cabinets, Built-in hoods are easy to install, use and maintain and fit easily in all types and sizes of wall cabinets.

Depending upon the model type, the extractor hood can be slightly visible to almost entirely concealed and can be installed either directly above the hob or near the ceiling. The Integrated type hood however fits discreetly in the units above the hob and creates a harmonious overall look. Also, the smooth concealed surface prevents contact with electrical components and motor enabling easier maintenance and longer shelf life.

Apart from keeping the kitchen air fresh and clean, extractor hoods also help in keeping the kitchen air free of any toxic fumes.