Give your home a thrifty festive makeover.

It is that time of the year again! The lights, the celebrations, reunions and unlimited food. It is the festive season. A time to bring families and friends together.

If you are going to be hosting frequently, it is always a good time to renovate your house. However, more often than not, it is cost and time intensive process. And with the piling pre-festival season workload, most of us procrastinate the work and eventually end up postponing it to next year. This is a never-ending vicious cycle.

Refresh your house this year with ideas that require minimum adjustments and effort and do not burn a hole in your pocket because the festivals are going to do that anyway! 

Here are a few ideas to make your festive makeover ready:

More space literally and figuratively

It so happens that the needs of the inhabitants change overtime. You may realize later that the kitchen and dining room need a separator or your kids need privacy in their shared room. All you have to do is add a sliding door partition which can be either top running or bottom running and can be installed easily. It also makes sense as you do not need to knock down any walls or do restructuring of the house.


It is a gospel truth that correct lighting changes the entire look of set up. Electrical restructuring is a herculean task but there are ways around it too. It is convenient to use LED based spotlights which can be fitted with minimal drilling in the ceiling or the stick-on options which are completely drill free.

Highlight your art pieces, draw attention to your crockery or even light up your wardrobe; sky is the limit if only you can imagine.

Wardrobe at your service

How often are you not able to find that one favourite tie right before an important date or how often do you rummage all across your wardrobe for that one pair of cufflinks which you ended up stuffing somewhere? You need not trade your wardrobe for a bigger one. Just take a cue from Marie kondo and organize the existing one better.  Simply have your carpenter install wire made wardrobe accessories which can house (hang) your belts, trousers and ties separately and neatly. If you are good with your tools, you can totally do this yourself too. No more scouting for stuff when you need it.

Vanity with personality

Bathrooms need not be boring. Who says you have to compromise with traditional shelving units or mirror units which never quite fit your bathroom space? You can use cube shelving systems to customize a unit which fits your needs perfectly and can be placed on the ground, drilled to the wall or even hang down the ceiling.

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