How to plan your kitchen in order to reflect your personal style

Home décor is not about just functionality anymore. It is an expression of one’s personal style. This trend is very conspicuously visible in the way people design most prominent spaces in the house such as living room, bedroom, study room or the inclusion one etc. However, one corner of the house is typically left bereft of this design scheme: Kitchen.

Not surprisingly so. It is relatively simple to incorporate modular kitchen units in accordance with the rest of the interior design. The kitchen appliances however are a whole different story. It is often difficult to match the stark white or dull grey of white goods with rest of your kitchen and by extension the house.

Built-In Appliances are the perfect solution to this conundrum as they are customizable in terms of size, functionality and even design.

Here are a few design ideas which can translate your personal style into your kitchen design.

Handle less perfection

Clean lines are associated with clarity. For those who are no-nonsense in approach and focused and clear in thought process, the completely handle less design concept is just a representation of their practicality inclined minds. Since built-in appliances do not have any particularly fixed exteriors, they can be easily fitted with fixtures to make them operational without handles.

This design goes particularly well with push to open type drawer systems.

Compact Kitchen

There is a certain exaggerated symmetry in compact structures. This style is for the perfectionists. Every element fits perfectly in a single continuous space completely visible at a glance. Built-In appliances can be aligned to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw depending upon the requirement and usage of appliances.

This design concept is Ideal for smaller apartments or open plan kitchens.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel adds sleekness and simplicity to practically any surface it touches as a design element. This one is for those who are progressive in thought process and often do not stick to traditional opinion. Again, as built-in appliances are extremely customizable in terms of exterior, this modernist trend can be incorporated seamlessly in order to create funky designs.

This type of design typically suits houses with Scandinavian themed interiors.