Quirk up your living room!

We can all relate when Ross says he wants a place to kickback with a puzzle after a long day of work. Apart from being the very first impression to your house, living room is also a place to unwind, host and generally relax. The fact, that living room is a personal space to be shared very selectively also makes it special and all the more important to customize as per the taste of the owner.  

While the concept of ideal living room is relative, specially with endless personalization, here are some quirky design ideas for your living room:

Hide and slide

There are times when you want to host your gang for that high adrenaline match and times when you just want to spend a quiet evening with your partner. Well, a concealed entertainment unit is the perfect fit for you. And it is quite simple to achieve. All you need to do is add a sliding shutter on the fascia of your entertainment unit.

The unit has provision to house all your living room stapes such as TV set, books, showpieces for when you want to enjoy with your group and simple pull the shutter off when looking for solitude. Additionally, the concealed part can be made more functional by adding wine storage section for your prized collection of spirits.

The cosy pod

If you are the kind of person who likes to be left alone with your favourite book or just your thoughts while you are introspecting, the ideal thing to do is create yourself a cosy pod replete with a snack bar, a small collection of your favourite books and of course, comfortable upholstery.  

It is ideal for larger living rooms with a high ceiling as otherwise the pod may seem a little overwhelming. Of course, the size and provisions can be customized as per need.

The big screen

If you have been an avid fan of attending concerts and sporting events, the post pandemic world is a tad disappointing for you to say the least. Bring all those football matches and your favourite band with a specially customized entertainment unit replete with a giant screen. The unit design makes provision for housing the sound system for you to enjoy a 360-degree satisfying experience. The unit can easily be upgraded to include 3D games to the list of things you can do with it.

Now you can host your own match screenings, watch live events without missing out on the essence of outdoor entertainment and even turn your living room into your very own personal club! Let the party animal inside you lose.

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