Home décor is not about just functionality anymore. It is an expression of one’s personal style. This trend is very conspicuously visible in the way people design most prominent spaces in the house such as living room, bedroom, study room or the inclusion one etc. However, one corner of the house is typically left bereft of this design scheme: Kitchen.

Not surprisingly so. It is relatively simple to incorporate modular kitchen units in accordance with the rest of the interior design. The kitchen appliances however are a whole different story. It is often difficult to match the stark white or dull grey of white goods with rest of your kitchen and by extension the house.

Built-In Appliances are the perfect solution to this conundrum as they are customizable in terms of size, functionality and even design.

Here are a few design ideas which can translate your personal style into your kitchen design.

Indian kitchens are evolving rapidly. We have come a long way from the traditional chaotically random placement of necessary elements in kitchen to perfectly organized modular set ups. The exception to this set up are the Kitchen appliances.

However, this too is beginning to change with the advent of Built-In appliances. Built-In Appliances are kitchen appliances which are built-in the kitchen cabinetry or walls, providing a seamless, integrated look for modern kitchens. 

They are permanently installed in the kitchen, so they can't be relocated. Besides the aesthetic appeal, Built-in appliances also have various advantages over traditional appliances.

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In the past few years, Modern spaces have evolved to keep up with the rapidly transforming lifestyles of people. The latest trend in this transformation is an open plan kitchen with living room. The idea is to break free of the silos and create an opportunity to be in both rooms – kitchen and living room simultaneously. Also, since the onset of the global pandemic forced people indoors, cooking is no longer a gender role or chore; it has evolved into a social opportunity for family and friends to bond over.

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