How to design a Kitchen that does not make you work harder

Kitchens have always been an integral part of Indian households. They have come a long way from being the traditional repository for the household women to being a neutral space for sharing household responsibilities. The modern kitchens have also evolved with time to accommodate all the new age concepts such as modular furniture, built-in appliances, contemporary kitchen seating etc. The best part about all these innovations is the level of customizations they offer to the customers in order to make the kitchens very personal rather than one size fits all. It is a well-known fact that ergonomic work counters, cabinetry and appliances make working less taxing and does not take a toll on one’s body.

Here are a few customization ideas for making your Kitchen truly fit to your taste and convenience.

Overhead solutions

Traditionally, overhead units are supposed to be used for storage. However, with the selection of right height and depth, one can make them functional not just for storage but also for quick access to items frequently required in the kitchen.

The ideal height of the overhead unit should be at least 4.5 Ft above the ground. But beyond this measurement, you can mount the overhead units to suit the height of the person frequenting the kitchen. This helps avoid unnecessary stretching of the person operating in the kitchen. Depending upon the requirements and the overall taste of the owner, the overhead unit designs can be customized. Addition of glass sliding shutters can give it an elegant spin.

For overhead storage, convenient units such as lift ups are ideal because they are compact, easy to use and quick to access.

Midway Solutions

Another smart hack is to make midway units which are placed precisely in the space midway between overhead units and the kitchen counter top. These units allow you to utilize the dead space in your kitchen and make for extremely handy fixtures. You can store the most frequently utilized items such as spices, beverages, sauces, kitchen rolls and tissues etc. here. Not only does that reduce cooking time but also helps save on the overall effort exerted during the process. In the log run, this helps you with time management and allows you to use the saved-up time elsewhere.

The design of this shelf can vary from stainless steel-based racks supported by a steel rod to elaborate units complete with a housing and individually demarcated segments to suit the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Bottom Solutions

This is the most obvious solution to your kitchen woes. Drawer Systems are generally made in standard sizes to accommodate all the essential kitchen needs such as pots and pans, big containers, plates etc. However, you can customize your drawer system to make them more accommodative of your requirements.

Addition of push-to-open or soft closing mechanisms make your drawer systems  practically handsfree as they can then be opened with just a nudge of your knee. That is especially helpful when you are right in the middle of sautéing your veggies and quickly need another pan to

Additionally, special provisions such as bottle pull outs alongside the drawer systems can also reduce time spent looking around for ingredients while cooking, significantly shortening cooking time

Working in Kitchen should not be a chore and should be as effortless as possible.

Furthermore, there are some innovative concepts for utilizing the space in the remote corners in your Kitchen as well as accessing them without breaking your back. These are typically called corner solutions and are racks specially designed to provide quick access to these remote corners enabled by a sliding and folding movement.