Contemporary design alternatives for new-age homes

Statement pieces are the new classics. Home or otherwise, interior design is a form of self-expression and hence people are likely to choose pieces that stand out; because who doesn’t like to shine. But having these statement pieces made or curated is a time and cost intensive activity and can take away the whole joy out of the process of decorating your space. However, you can now create customized statement furniture with a contemporary upgrade. 

A new one-stop solution which is versatile in functionality and aesthetics both; the cube shelving system! is the answer. Here, are a few ways to create statement furniture pieces to give your space a facelift without breaking the bank.

What’s more, most of these ideas are fairly DIY, if only you put in a little time effort and patience!

Mirror on the wall

Who says an elaborately crafted cabinet system is the only way to an elegant bathroom or you are doomed to use the plastic shelves which are inexpensive but look, well, not that great?

What’s nice about using shelving system made out of steel  in custom matte finish (instant elegance) is that, it is strong enough to withstand weight over a period of time without rusting in a place which is mostly sultry.

Moreover, you can customize the shape, size, colour to match your exact requirement, which means you have a piece of customized bathroom furniture conceptualized specially to taste.

Out with the old

Bulky bookshelves are a thing of the past century. Instead, create an understated yet exceptionally functional bookshelf.

It not only acts as a place to store your favourite books but also, display them such that your space exudes a cosy or intellectual air depending upon your book collection and the interior of the space. The most amazing part though, is the fact that it does not take up an entire chunk of your wall but sits just right within the space available.

Life (and space) saver

Need some extra space in your elaborately planned modular kitchen but do not want to spoil the aesthetics with makeshift solutions?

Hear us out. All you need to locate an empty wall, figure out the size as per your requirement, decide the colour and voila! You have yourself a custom-made kitchen rack capable of storing your utensils, condiments, that expensive dinnerware set right in front of your eyes such that you can reach it easily.

What’s more, you can add a dash of microgreens from your home garden to liven up your cabinet kitchen!

Old wine in new bottle

Hanging photo frames or art along your staircase walls too mainstream for you?

Here is an interesting upgrade.  House your frames inside a little showcase of its own as you climb up. It is super charming to look at and yet is functional as you can also keep little plants or succulents, show pieces in it as well.

The combinations for colours and sizes are indfinite if only you can imagine them.

For more such ideas, visit our website at or visit our nearest application centre. You can also take a virtual tour here.

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